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Rules and prices

We publish advert posts on the js13kGames website for $200 each. The amount is paid up-front via PayPal (or any crypto), and then the article is published within 24 hours after the wire is completed. We also offer publishing linked banners on the main page for $750 each. We never publish first and get paid afterwards. No free guest posts or link exchanges. We don't write article contents ourselves, only publish what is delivered.

Other sites include: gamedevjs.com ($50 per article), end3r.com ($75 per article, $250 for a banner), and enclavegames.com ($100 per article, $300 for a banner). All prices are non-negotiable - we have many happy clients paying full prices and don't need to offer any discounts. If you can't afford it, then we won't have a deal.

Any type of content is allowed, no requirements, not marked as sponsored, links are do-follow, article placement is permanent (banners stay on the website for 12 months), we don't do link insertions in already existing posts, no social media share.