5 Free Adrenaline-Inducing Casino Games You Have to Try

Online casinos attract new customers by offering the most entertaining, adrenaline-inducing games around. But they wouldn’t make any money if every game they offered was free. Fortunately, there are plenty of free games to choose from, so you can still take part in the action of an online casino, without spending any money. We’ve compiled a list of five of the best adrenaline-inducing casino games worth your time, that don’t require a bit of money to play.

Why Spend Time Playing A Free Casino Game?

Isn’t gambling a major part of enjoying the entertainment provided by an online casino? Sure, but you don’t always have to gamble real money. In fact, that’s part of what attracts so many players to free casino games; they don’t have to spend any of their own money to have fun.

In addition to enjoying a long list of excellent casino games risk- and hassle-free, you can switch to similar real money games once you are more familiar with each game. With some free casino games, you may have the chance to win prizes and free bonus money that you can use as real money.

There are hundreds of free casino games available. You can even get a head start on some of the most popular games in the industry with this huge list of no deposit bonuses.

Ramses Book

If you are a fan of slots, Ramses Book is a free slot game you won’t want to pass up. The Ancient Egypt theme is nothing new in the casino game industry, but Bally Wulff struck gold when they released Ramses Book. It is arguably one of the best slot games ever made and definitely the best among similar Ancient Egyptian slot games.

What you should know when playing Ramses Book is that your ultimate goal is to unlock the treasures of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses so you can keep them for yourself. This makes for exciting gameplay as you play the 5-reel, 5-pay-line game. You can win free spins to keep the game going, and unlock riches that will give you rewards of various sizes. Of course, it’s all in good fun when you play for free. But you may find that as you get the hang of it, you may end up wanting to play the full version of Ramses Book with real cash. The jackpot would certainly make it fun to try!

World Series of Poker

In the world of online poker games, World Series of Poker is about as good as it gets. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given that it’s named after one of the biggest events in poker. World Series of Poker is a game that allows you to take part in the beloved card game, without the risk or hassle of playing with real money.

You can start with 250,000 free poker chips and play online like a professional. Whether you stick to standard, single poker games or try your luck in a tournament, there are endless options if you are looking for free online entertainment. It’s no surprise that millions of people have already played World Series of Poker online.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is consistently mentioned among the best and most popular slot games of all time. It is especially popular among gamblers who hope to win big, given that according to the Mega Moolah website, over $63 million has been paid to Mega Moolah winners just in 2019. The jackpot has been won eight times this year already! But you don’t have to try for the big bucks to take part in the fun. You can play Mega Moolah for free on several casino and gaming websites.

Mega Moolah is a slot game with a wild Africa theme that uses a unique combination of 5 reels and 25 pay-lines as well as a jackpot game similar to Wheel of Fortune. There are plenty of free spins to go around as well as wilds and other bonuses to add to your winnings. When playing for free, the wins are only hypothetical, but it’s adrenaline-inducing nonetheless.


The last two on our list are casino classics that are widely offered for free. Whether you download an app exclusively designed to offer free entertainment to blackjack lovers, or you visit an online casino that features free, no deposit blackjack, this is one game you won’t want to pass up.

Blackjack is all about getting the necessary 21 points using random cards given to you by the dealer. If the total value of your cards is too low or exceeds 21, you lose. It doesn’t take much in a game of blackjack to experience a rush of adrenaline, considering the simple draw of a card can make or break your entire hand. Even with no real money on the line, blackjack can be a thrilling casino game for anyone.


Another classic casino game offered on just about every casino and gaming website is roulette. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and has been since it first hit the scene. There is nothing that gets your adrenaline pumping like watching the roulette spin as the ball bounces around between the numbers and black or red spots. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a dime to take part in the action.

There are many ways to play roulette, even when you play without real money. You can bet on the ball to land on either red or black, or try your luck at picking a number or a set of numbers. Roulette is one game that never gets old, given that your chances of winning are the same every time the wheel is spun.

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