World of Warcraft beginner's guide

One of the most well-liked video games is World of Warcraft, which a lot of players enjoy and have been playing for a while.

As World of Warcraft is becoming more and more popular every year, it is not surprising that some users start playing it for the first time. This article is devoted to these players and contains helpful advice and instructions for newcomers on how to play WoW.

We advise beginning with a tutorial that will introduce you to the world of the game, give some helpful tips, such as tips for earning or buying WoW gold, and also immerse you in the interface elements, potentially possible character abilities, and plot in order to avoid confusion and properly understand all interactions in the World of Warcraft universe.

Server selection

After installing the game and authorization, you first need to select a server (world). From this will directly depend on the style of further play.

In total, there are 3 main servers:

If you want to truly enjoy the ambiance of WoW Classic, we advise you to play on a PvP server. Also, virtually all streamers participate in this world. This will enable you to participate in numerous events and join their guilds.

Faction selection

After choosing a server, you will need to decide on a faction - Alliance or Horde. Each of them has 4 races, while paladins are a unique race for the Alliance, and Shamans are for the Horde. All the rest are available for some and for others.

In addition, the Alliance and the Horde have significantly different locations and quest tasks, but this does not affect the leveling process at all. It can be said that the components are changing, but not the general concept.

You can choose a faction according to your personal preference. But keep in mind that you will not be able to join groups and communicate with the opposite side. So follow your friends or favorite streamers.

Race and class selection

Each race and class in World of Warcraft has a set of unique traits and skills that greatly affect the overall gameplay experience. By clicking on the icon of the race and class, on the right you will find their detailed description. If you have never played WoW, then be sure to check them out to get a general idea.

Character leveling

As soon as you enter the game for the selected character, you will need to start pumping it. To do this, take quest tasks (you can have several at once), which are indicated by yellow exclamation marks. The text of the task says where to go and what task to complete (for example, kill 5 wolves).

Addons are an excellent assistant not only in completing tasks, but also in other important matters. You can find the right one for you at this link. For example, they will show the direction for completing quests, mark important places on the map, etc.

As you level up, you will unlock new abilities that you can learn from class mentors. Upon reaching level 10, access to talent upgrades will open (each class has 3 branches of development available). Allocate talent points wisely depending on your playstyle and role. New skills, as well as their increased levels, must be manually brought to the quick access panel. Remember to perform these operations to play with the abilities that are relevant to your level.

World of Warcraft beginner's guide

Capital Cities

After going through the initial locations and completing all the quest tasks in them, you will be directed to the capital. For the Alliance, this is Stormwind, and for the Horde, this is Orgimmar. Here you can learn many useful things and learn more about the game. In order not to get lost, use the help of the guards who will show you the right path in the direction you need.

For example, the first thing you can do is visit a weapons trainer and learn how to use swords, staves, bows, daggers, etc. This will be extremely useful, because in the future you will knock out cool weapons that may not suit you.

Professions in WoW Classic

Also in the capitals you can learn new professions for yourself. They are divided into 2 main types - primary (main) and secondary (additional).

Secondary professions - first aid, cooking, fishing. If money allows, be sure to study them. So you can create your own food, get useful items and heal with bandages.

The main professions are blacksmithing, alchemy, engineering, enchanting, leatherworking, herbalism, tailoring, skinning. You can learn two of them at the same time.

You can choose a profession according to your personal preference.

Raids in World of Warcraft Classic

Raids are one of the coolest activities in WoW. Together with a group of friends, fellow guild members or just random travelers, you have to go on an adventure. Serious opponents and bosses will be waiting for you. With them you will get a lot of experience, coins and excellent equipment.

This was a basic guide to World of Warcraft Classic. It will help novice players quickly get used to the game, understand the basic mechanics and principles. Big adventures are ahead of you, just be patient for pumping!

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