The Main MSI Failure and the ALGS Win

The Main MSI Failure and the ALGS Win

The last few days have brought positive news for REJECT fans. The team managed to win the prestigious ALGS tournament and write its name in history. At the same time, disappointment awaited FlyQuest players. The team did not get the best result, and many blame the only one player in it.

REJECT Won the ALGS Split One Playoffs

In a multi-faceted tournament with plenty of favorites (including North America and South Asia Pacific), REJECT WINNITY became the first team ever to win the Apex Legends Global Series LAN. Additionally, the latest win puts REJECT on a list of other teams that have previously done so, including TSM, Reignite, and DarkZero.

Three top players, Obly, KaronPe, and SangJoon, literally wrote their names in the history of the event, not only because of their strategy but also because they refused to change the roster. Many experts believe that this is exactly what led them to the victorious final. In fact, REJECT was the only team in the finals to run Wattson. By using this character, they made a "defensive" pick that not only didn't slow them down but tied them with FNATIC for kills.

Following an incredibly even set of matches, many fans were hopeful that DarkZero's LAN champions would once again take home the LAN trophy. Big money was wagered on it on the GGBet betting site with the high odds. However, in the endgame, DarkZero's highly accurate rotation brought third parties into play. Ultimately, this resulted in REJECT joining the entire space in the final zone.

The team refused to let the win slip away and took on fan favorites Disguised and Cloud9. This helped them consolidate their success. According to Obly, the team had a very slow start. As they approached the ring, they noticed that some teams were fighting. The Climatizer Zone was where DarkZero fell. Obly said that REJECT immediately noticed that the team name announced on the killfeed had been taken down. However, there was a turning point when REJECT realized that they could win.

Furthermore, Obly explained the special treatment of Watson as a character capable of defending zones. Watson made it very difficult for aggressive teams running Bloodhound and prevented them from advancing.

Now, REJECT is the only team to get the main prize ALGS LAN since TSM won the preseason invite five years ago. In addition to REJECT winning the championship, Aurora (consisting of MnK) finished seventh in the final standings.

Speaking about the future, Obly emphasized that APAC teams have a chance. But he feels that many players lack confidence. The latest victory could change everything. It is likely to be a powerful motivator for other teams and a reminder that they can not only survive at the highest level of Apex but also thrive.

Caedrel Blames Inspired for Failure at MSI 2024

Caedrel Blames Inspired for Failure at MSI 2024

Recently, Caedrel spoke about who is to blame for FlyQuest's lackluster performance at MSI 2024. After the team's poor performance, the former League of Legends pro and spellcaster happened to stumble upon X's post about Inspired. Given his KDA, Inspired was said to be the only FlyQuest player on the team.

Caedrel immediately responded to such a message and said that Inspired's selfish play style was the main reason for the loss. He said that it is all about point of view, meaning you get all the kills on your team and the MVP on OP.GG. However, later blaming your teammates (when you've secretly planned it in advance) is not appropriate behavior.

He noted that Inspired did break the game a few times, but he had kills, so it looks like he's not a big problem. As it became known, a similar reaction is observed not only in Caedrel. Many League fans on social networks actively accused Inspired and Bwipo of having a negative impact on the game itself and its outcome.

However, the statistics show that Inspired recorded the best KDA ratio in the FlyQuest team. According to the Elixir Oracle, he has scored 4.6. Even fans of Inspired recognize his selfish way of playing, which sometimes goes against the team's global strategy. He aims to defeat his opponents if everything goes according to plan.

If something changes, he becomes "disconnected" from the rest of the team. One FlyQuest player on Reddit also pointed out that Inspired definitely had a gap between the play of other teammates. He also noted that he doesn't know if this was an issue in the LCS regular season, but it was evident at the last MSI.

Of course, criticism and disagreements are not uncommon in the eSports industry. However, such a powerful message from such a reputable player as Caedrel became something special. There is a high chance that it will affect the team's strategy in future games.

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