Best Server Based Games In 2021

Game lovers all around the world always watch out for the best titles every day. They look for desktop, or mobile versions, or even server versions. The server-hosted games allow for multiple players to play at a game at a time. In a world where you can play mobile-based and console-based games, the server-based titles will be different.

If you wish to go for the MMRPG titles, there are plenty of options across all genres and styles. The games are for all kinds of players- casual players to experienced players. However, poker lovers or roulette lovers will find the same from sites like Netbet. This said, now let us check the best games you may check out from the server.

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive or GO needs no introduction since its design and game plan appeal to many. Every year there are major international championships that provide the arena for the strike-squad to shine. The game is accessible from Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 3, and XBOX 360.


There are four ways to play Minecraft- via LAN, online servers, Split screens, and Minecraft Realms. The Split screen option is only for the console versions. However, it is nevertheless a unique experience to play via server. The JAVA version is the one you will get while playing this game on the server. Make sure to run on the same server as the one that Minecraft uses.

Diablo 3

One of the hottest server-based games is Diablo 3. You get to check out the clans and communities and play. There are combats to check out and try. The servers also allow you to get social and invite friends from your neighborhood online to join your clan.

GTA Online

This action-adventure game has influenced an entire generation of gamers in its desktop and mobile version. The online multiplayer option is still not the best of what Rockstar games can offer. But old habits die hard, so we cannot get over our cheap thrills of letting this version for old times sake. The game is available on the server, and you get to join tournaments and feature in the leaderboards.


Another classic much like GTA is the Rust. Back in 2013, it was a big hit, and now, the game has made a comeback on the server. The popular gamers and Youtube influencers have started playing it, and so it is back high up on the charts as a multiplayer title. All said the game is another survival game where you procure the ammunition and fight for survival.

Top Game Hosting Providers to Check out

Businesses like GoDaddy, InMotion, BlueHost, and others offer all the games a platform to play. You will need to ensure they offer the best controls and sound. Graphics of the game will only remain good when the server or hosting provider is serious about the same. If they do not provide the best graphics and sound, the server-based games would lack luster. Many games are available these days, and though we have listed only a handful of our top picks, they are the best online.

The server-based games are great for gamers who want to flaunt their survival skills with fellow gamers worldwide. The games are available on mobile and desktop alike. The best way to experience fun in the games would be to check these titles. You will notice that the games run in real-time with little to no lagging and complement the game.