Increasing Efficiency Through Motivating Online Games

When computer games first hit the market back in the 1960s, they were perceived as nothing more than mindless fun for kids and teens with nothing better to do. Adults who enjoyed them were considered immature and irresponsible, and the bad reputation of games remained for decades.

Meanwhile, things have changed, and researchers have found that computer games and online games can help both youngsters and adults increase brain activity and efficiency in general. Bangkok University carried out a study in which a testing group of students was given a game prior to a lesson, while the control group approached studying in the traditional manner, with no gaming involved. The experimental group obtained higher scores than the control group and had a higher level of motivation. Forbes even goes as far as to say that gamification can significantly increase the productivity of workers worldwide.

If your energy levels have hit rock bottom, and you have no clue where to start with your daily duties, perhaps our list of games to boost productivity might help!

Super Better

Does your mental health need some TLC? If so, Super Better might be the right choice for you. Created based on the research gathered in "Reality is Broken" and "SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully" by Jane McGonigal, this gaming-style app could help you to get rid of unhealthy habits. The main premise of the app is that you have to complete to-do lists. Some tasks are as simple as paying a phone bill, while others may be more emotionally or physically engaging.

Online Chess

The Queen’s Gambit put chess into the spotlight once again, and not since the Cold War has it received so much attention. It is no secret that chess is one of those games that has a remarkable reputation, even when played online. It’s what smart and successful people do. Chess challenges memory, calculation, visual-spatial skills, and critical thinking abilities, as well as teaching players more effective decision-making and prioritizing. By playing chess daily, you can become a more productive member of society that handles tough challenges with ease.

Casino Slots

Casino slots are an ideal type of game to boost your productivity, especially if you choose the ones with slightly more complex bonus features. Pick a masterfully crafted slot game from a reliable site, such as CasinoSource, and decide on the number of spins you want to play. Once done, switch to your task and reward yourself with more spins once the task is complete. If you trigger bonus features, your rewarding session will last longer. If not, it’s back to work!


Many of us would rather fight a dragon with anger management problems than hit the gym, but what if you can get the best of both worlds? Habitica is a simple gaming app that uses RPG elements to keep you on track. Build your fantasy character and polish its skills as you complete simple daily chores or finally get around to smashing “leg day” at the gym.

Chore Wars

Successfully completing tasks often requires teamwork, and if your family or roommates are slacking, sign them up for Chore Wars. Turn your household into the Fellowship of the Rag, complete quests, and collect XP to beat the Lair of Sauron that your house has turned into.

Zombies, Run!

If you ever claimed you wouldn’t run, not even for your life, even if you were being chased by zombies, this game might change your view. This one-of-a-kind mash-up between a fitness app and an Alternate Reality game could help you to adopt a healthy jogging habit by introducing some zombies—just what every good jog needs! Put your headphones on, enter Abel Township, listen to the instructions, and get ready to run for some supplies while being chased by the disintegrating undead. Complete the mission and your community will be stronger than ever.

Kind Words

Are you often very harsh on yourself? The Kind Words game can help you build a better relationship with yourself, thus helping you to gain confidence and become more productive. The game is based on the lost tradition of letter writing, but this time, you are writing letters to yourself, expressing all sorts of feelings, frustrations, and desires. Your letter won’t just be stored in the online void but will be read by other members. They can help you to adopt a different perspective while sharing useful techniques that push you to improve.

Study Bunny

Study Bunny is a little rabbit full of energy, helping you to prioritize things and stick to your schedule. It’s like a planner, but better. Use color coding, different categories, plans, and features to stay on your task and keep the bunny happy. And no one likes to see a bunny cry! The app is primarily for studying but can also be easily adjusted to help you stick with your chores, fitness routine, or spending habits.

Virtual Cottage

Cottagecore is actually a thing, and a fascinating one at that, but moving out of the city and living in a wooden cabin surrounded by nothing but bees and mushrooms is not for everyone. However, Virtual Cottage can be your place to escape when you really, really, like really need to complete a task. The app features a small, simple cabin, a playlist of lo-fi tunes, and a selection of white noises to help you focus and concentrate. Isolate yourself and do what you have to without spending a couple of million on a cottage in desperate need of a makeover.

Epic Win

Epic Win is yet another gamification masterpiece that allows you to build characters you can level up as you progress in creating healthy lifestyle habits. Create a daily to-do list and tick the boxes to make your character stronger and more powerful. Discover new aspects of yourself that you can improve, and win loot boxes to create a more appealing environment for your character. Elaborate yet motivating, Epic Win can help you reach your goals in no time.