How to Start a Career in the Gaming Industry

How to Start a Career in the Gaming Industry

Video games have come a long way ever since the introduction of two bars that played ping pong. That concept blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry bringing enjoyment to an audience of players spanning different generations. With the latest AI and VR tools at their disposal, video game creators are beginning to herald a new era in the industry.

This time, a new generation of video game creators will take the limelight and introduce the next big icon since Mario. This comes as the demand for artists and programmers will keep increasing as the gaming industry expands into new territory.

The question in anyone’s mind now is this: “How will I ever build a successful career as a game developer?” There is no exact road you can take that will guarantee your success, but the guide below should at least give you an idea of where to start:

1. Get the quality training you need

Thousands of roles are available to budding video game creators and you will have to train in each one and start your career from there. Concept and storyboard artists are mostly graduates with Fine Arts degrees. If writing stories is your thing, then a degree in literature or communications would open you up to this field.

More technical areas like software engineering and programming are reserved for people certified to handle these jobs. If you aren’t equipped with the skills for these areas, then hunt for certificate courses that will jumpstart your career in the gaming industry.

2. Pick a genre you like

The beauty of working in the video game industry is the fact that there are thousands of niches you can get into. If you’re a fan of a particular genre of gaming, expect that you will find a niche that suits your liking. There is even a market for 3D sex simulators in case that’s an area you would love to work in. When picking a genre or niche, consider the types of games you prefer. Whether you love commanding troops in real-time strategy games like Red Alert 3 or blasting people’s heads off in shooters like Call of Duty or Doom, your experience playing the genre will help you succeed.

3. Show off your best samples

Before hunting for your dream job in the gaming sector, you will have to give companies a good reason why you’re the perfect fit for their creative or technical team. Your resume doesn’t say much save for the training you received, but to determine your potential as a creative asset, employers will need to check the best work you’ve done.

For this reason, consider creating a portfolio on LinkedIn and Behance. If you’re applying as an artist, show off all your concept sketches, including character designs and landscape work. In case you’re applying as a writer, send over a draft of a story pitch you’re developing.

4. Know where the jobs are

With a complete portfolio showcasing your best work, you will need to go on platforms where you can show it to potential employers. LinkedIn is a good start since it’s meant for creatives like yourself to find vacancies in the top game companies. It could take weeks considering how competitive the job market has been, but one guaranteed way you can land a job is to reach out to independent developers who are willing to absorb potential talents.


A career as a video game developer will bring you to exciting places. All you need is to follow this guide and see where the road takes you.

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