All You Need to Know about ARK 2

ARK has been one of the most popular survival action-adventure titles that introduced many gamers to the primitive world of survivors, where you start off with nothing and have to get through the horrors of living as a primal human on a stranded land filled with a plethora of pre-historic animals from Dinosaurs to whatnot.

And with the announcement of yet another ARK title to the series, players have been nothing but excited to see what comes next to this already crazy world of chaos! Now with 2022, just around the corner, I think it’s about time we talked about ARK 2 and tell you everything that you need to know about it. And if you haven’t already played ARK, I think this is the perfect time to get involved with a new ARK: Survival copy through cheap cd keys.

What’s new in ARK 2?

We can expect to see more dinosaurs, more mounts, more hunting and gathering, and, uh, Vin Diesel? in Ark 2's ancient survival world when it launches in 2022. In fact, he's onboard as an executive producer on Ark: Survival Evolved's sequel, Studio Wildcard's second dino-themed survival 'em-up, which is still popular.

Ark 2 (and whatever appendage it has when it launches) will be an Xbox Series X platform exclusive at launch, which will presumably be available on PC and will probably, ultimately, be available on PlayStation 5. Everything we know about Ark 2 excluding the tiniest bit of conjecture is here. To put it another way, this is the sequel to the first game: Survival Evolved. It was revealed at the Game Awards 2020 and would be released on PC and next-generation consoles as a survival sandbox similar to the original game. ARK 2 takes set on an extraterrestrial world after the events of Genesis: Part 2.

ARK 2 Gameplay

Wildcard Studio's follow-up to Ark: Survival Evolved is Ark 2: Survival Evolved. It seems that the core gameplay ideas of the first Ark will be carried over to the sequel, as shown by a developer tweet: it will still be a multiplayer game where you may engage in combat and tame animals to help assure your survival.

In Ark 2, you'll find a wide variety of dinosaurs, as well as other ancient or prehistoric animals that you may keep as part of your own private zoo, ride, and breed if you so choose, and a TON of other ARK items that are essential for your survival. As the game's title suggests: survival is a vital part of the experience. It's not all fun, there have been many reports of high-level players razing down lower-level players' camps in Ark because of the difficulty of learning the game's mechanics on one's own. With patience and curiosity, the early Ark experience may be rewarding, and did we mention there are dinosaurs you can ride?

Larger than Life World

Studio Wildcard's goal with Ark 2 seems to be to exploit the additional tech to create a new world that is both larger and more beautiful than the original. It's hard not to be impressed with the trailer. You may mistake it for a CGI trailer if you didn't see the somewhat choppy face movements and sometimes stiff posture. Since its Early Access phase began in 2015, the first Ark has been teeming with life, and additional animals have been added to it since.

The Ark 2 teaser showed Vin Diesel as a major character, so it's reasonable to believe he'll be there for more than just a publicity stunt. Even though his tribe looks to have been completely devoured at the end of the movie, it's evident that Santiago has his own family to care for. Questing with or for Santiago may prove possible in the future. Death Stranding star Norman Reedus, Dave Bautista of Gears 5, or any other big-name actor, is always amazing to see in a video game.

Even though Vin Diesel is a well-known geek who enjoys video games and a good game of Dungeons & Dragons, Studio Wildcard may have just stumbled onto the perfect pairing. As a fan of Ark, according to Microsoft, he has spent almost 1000 hours playing the game - the average time for the community. Aside from starring, Vin Diesel will also serve as the "President of Creative Convergence" for Studio Wildcard. The name is possibly a combination of Diesel's two jobs at the company. However, he is also the executive producer of the Ark animated series, which is now under development.

Studio Wildcard is currently grappling with a massive world that shows up in Ark's chronic latency and the game's total file size, despite the fact that performance has improved over time. Instead of improving Ark as it now stands, starting again with the most recent technology would make more sense for a game that's still in its infancy. Ark 2 might follow the same release approach as Ark: Survival Evolved, thus Microsoft hasn't said whether it would be a full launch or an Early Access launch.

ARK 2 Platforms

Microsoft's Preview program was established in 2015, ahead of the final launch in 2017. In order to play Ark 2, you must have an Xbox X|S console. If Survival Evolved is any indication, this will also be available on PC (and probably Xbox Game Pass at launch) before a PS5 version is released. According to Microsoft, Ark 2 will run well on Xbox One X|S when it is released in the future.

There's no telling whether Ark 2 will follow a conventional plot. In the multiplayer mode, Ark: Survival Evolved included mythology that described the island's sci-fi past, but you're free to disregard all of that and create your own fun.