LEC 2024 Spring: follow the best events

On the professional LoL scene, LEC events always draw huge attention. The matches of this tournament are divided into three seasonal splits and the Spring season 2024 has already started. Discover more about participating teams and the championship in general. Then, follow your favorite games, bet, and win.

The dates and teams of the LEC Spring

LEC 2024 Spring: follow the best events

League of Legends European Championship or LEC for short is organized in Europe and held by Riot. Every season gathers ten teams that compete with each other during the year. Different major brands sponsor these events. The champions take part in the World Championship.

For 2024, the list of participating teams include, Fnatic, SK Gaming, G2 Esports, Team Vitality, BDS Esports, Team Heretics, GIANTX, Rogue, MAD Lions, and Karmine Corp.

The Spring split has already started in March, as it was planned. The closest events are as follows:

If you are interested in betting on League of Legends, it is high time to read reviews and guides and select your favorites for this season. While it is the beginning only, it is a good moment to join the ranks of fans. In addition, this discipline possesses a low volatility level and is especially appreciated by bettors.

The champion of the Spring split is going to represent Europe as the first seed. Winter winners are invited as the second seed. As for the Summer Split, there will be a new format this year. Champions will get the lowest seed only.

Altogether, the split has only started. Therefore, discover the results and follow the events during March to discover who is going to be among the winners this year.

LEC history and some prospects for 2024

LEC history and some prospects for 2024

The story of this championship starts back in 2013. Then, the first Spring LEC was held. Since that time, the idea of several regular splits appeared and was implemented. Before 2019, this event was connected with tournaments in North America. Later, they separated and created unique brands. Thus, for the last four years, this tournament existed in the form that was mentioned above.

There are 10 strong participants and their list has not changed drastically from year to year. For example, one of the strongest teams in this championship is Fnatic. It takes part in the events from the start of the tournament’s history and often wins the main award. Another regular winner is G2 Esports. Only in 2014 did Team Alliance become the leader of the split in the summer. It was a unique case that did not happen again.

However, new names may always arise. That is one of the reasons why fans are closely following the championship. For example, this was the case of MAD Lions, Misfits Gaming, and Rogue. They showed great results and became famous and recognizable teams, even without becoming the winners.

Thus, MAD Lions were more than successful in 2021. They finished third in regular splits and got back-to-back LEC titles. This is a quite interesting and inspiring example. Therefore, more such situations may follow this year too.

In addition, the competition is growing stronger from year to year. One of the possible top tiers of the current season is Vitality. Last year, due to its experienced players, it gained the sixth position. That is why the team is going to be active this year. It is strong and well-prepared, so it will be quite intriguing to follow their progress.

At the same time, the volatility level in this discipline is not very high. This is beneficial for bettors who wish to predict possible results and determine the leader precisely. For instance, while during the previous season BDS, Astralis, and SK Gaming showed good results at the start, they did not become dominant teams later.

Altogether, spring is always a hot and wait time for LoL fans. There are many matches and the competition is strong and fascinating. Follow the closest events, and enjoy the gaming process. If you wish to bet, learn more about the tournament and select the favorite according to the previous results.

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