The rise of virtual reality gaming

One of the most immersive gaming experiences is evidently virtual reality gaming and the ones who already tried it have not been disappointed. During the last 10 years to say the least, virtual reality has experienced a somewhat shy, but steady growth and 2023 is shaping up to be one of the greatest years for the development of VR. There is a wide variety of VR games available on multiple unique platforms and no matter what you prefer as a gamer, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find something to fit your preferences.

What is to be kept in mind is that as all types of gaming and with all the options available, you have to be aware of what responsible gaming means, be it VR, desktop, mobile, server or even crypto gambling, as all of these can easily become addictive. A balanced approach will make the whole process more enjoyable.

The rise of virtual reality gaming

Ho can you access it?

Whether taking part in a VR arena via PC, console, standalone headset, or even mobile phone varies when it comes to two aspects: complexity and cost. At the bottom end are options that use your phone as a display. While these options may appeal to some viewers, they are intended for the most basic VR available today, having only 3 degrees of freedom (known as DOF). The majority of gamers definitely want a 6 DOF device that gives them access to the best VR games.

And in the case of those looking for a fully wireless VR gaming experience, there are several standalone headsets on the market that offer affordable VR gaming without the need for a powerful PC, external camera, or console, making this experience possible for a lot of people.

For gamers who demand the highest quality when gaming in VR, PC VR headsets are the right choice. Considering you also need a powerful PC, the overall cost can be significantly higher. There are many PC VR headsets that offer unique advantages such as higher resolution, higher refresh rate or wider field of view, so they are worth the investment. With so many choices available you simply have to decide what you are willing to pay. While there are many high-end options, there are also many affordable options as well.

What are the best options on the market?

-With one of his highest overall PC VR scores, the HP Reverb G2 is a great option with a great display and easy setup. Since it uses an inside-out tracking camera, there is no need to deal with external base stations or extra cables. The G2's 90Hz refresh rate and 114-degree FOV are a significant drop from the Valve Index. This makes the G2 one of the cheapest PC VR headsets out there, and its 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye makes it great for all kinds of content.

-While Microsoft hasn’t invested a lot in VR games, Sony has shown a strong commitment to VR. The original PS VR was released in 2016, allowing PlayStation 4 players to experience VR. The PS VR2 has impressive specs and exciting features like foveated rendering and a controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The new headset is exclusively created for a unique experience.

-Apple's high-end AR/VR headset is also something to take into account. The latest version of Quest Pro is significantly thinner and lighter than the Quest 2 and features advanced eye and facial gesture tracking. It also comes with controllers, each with their own camera and processor, which are essentially standalone Mini-Quest 2s. The Quest Pro is aimed more at business-minded enthusiasts than gamers, so consumers should expect the same from Apple's products.

Look for the options that best fit your interests and start the VR journey!

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