Branching Out: The Appeal of Creating Video Slot Games

Game development has become of the most popular pastimes in recent years.

Players all over the world have crossed the line that separates the developers and the players by making bolder demands in terms of the actual game creation. The rules have changed, along with the entire gaming landscape.

The public interest in gaming trends was always important, except that now it is more pronounced. One of the catalysts of radical change is the web monetization of the games.

From micro-purchases in-game to open policies about money investments, games and their categories differ in every niche. However, one specific category of games has been increasingly attracting attention in the gaming realm.

After decades of being enclosed in mysterious and elusive land-based casinos, online video slots have broken out of their prison and entered the virtual world.

And they have been conquering the iGaming stratosphere ever since.

Video Slots For the Win

Video slots garner about 85%-90% of the entire revenue in online casino gaming. The statistics back up the information we get from the customers as well. Most players, upon entering digital casinos, head straight to the slot section within the lobby, not actually paying attention to other games so much.

The reason why they are so appealing is that they are fast, they are easy, and they provide a lot of entertainment – and cash, of course. The subtle monetization of the game is here turned to an extreme – these games exist on the principle of wagering real money. They exist in all shapes and colors, with dozens of themes and designs. From pirates to ancient cultures, with slot machines, you can have it all.

One of the Cool Kids

All slot machines are based on the same principle: RNG.

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is the foundation the developing companies use for the creation of each game. The generator makes sure sequences that appear at the end of each spin cannot be predicted in advance.

As slots are essentially games of luck, cunning players tried devising strategies to “break the code” of slots. RNG exists to eliminate the risks of cheating within slot rounds. Of course, that is just one single element of the entire story. The whole process certainly involves thousands of lines of code, but the basic structure is just that – basic.

Throughout the years, slots acquired many fans in the gaming community. Some of them were professionals with solid experience in crafting games.

Those professionals became interested in the science behind the popular phenomenon. Soon, they started experimenting and creating basic, simple video slots at home – in the name of science, of course. Right now, the internet is swarmed with comments and posts from professionals and amateurs that tried their hand in the craft of slot machines. The most popular is HTML5, but you can use any programming language for developing slots.

Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all

One important aspect of the story of slot appeal is monetization.

Gaming today has a completely different face than that of several years before. With rapid growth come more possibilities, and this industry was perhaps the first one to realize that. As capitalist mindsets realized the potency of iGaming, they soon launched campaigns to promote all shapes and forms of this type of recreation.

Gaming lost the stigma, and instead gained entrance into the mainstream culture. One of the principal paths towards that was increased use of monetization within games. You all know about in-game purchases now, right? Well, that was not a default option back in the day. Yes, we had to buy our equipment (and games!), but today that commercial aspect is somewhat different. Expensive equipment still exists, games are still bought, but developers launch games that smoothly invite players to invest their assets during play. That little option was a very lucrative idea – the companies obtain millions just from micropurchases that you, as a player, consider trivial.

On the other hand, video slots – and all casino games for that matter – are characteristically open about their monetary nature. One of the reasons why people play casino games is money gamble.

People love risk – and what is riskier than betting your own real money? In a way, in-game monetization is a paradox. While games that are not related to gambling often trick people into making in-game purchases, online video slots are quite openly trying to protect you against harm.

Because of its addictive nature, the international gambling community has initiated a series of campaigns and regulations that promote responsible gaming. Best casinos online offer more options for payments, all the while protecting the privacy and sensitive data of their customers.

Mobility and Accessibility

Add mobile gaming into the mix. Right now, two billion people are active users of mobile gaming apps. That means that they choose to spend their free time playing games on their portable devices. On the other hand, that time is often spent playing games that require numerous in-game purchases for the premium gaming experience.

The combination of online slot machines and mobile gaming produces an outburst of customers, popularity, and revenue. In many ways, it is a recipe for success.

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