Randomness in games

People love games. We play games to make our daily lives feel a little less daunting. As they say, all work and no play would make Jack a very dull boy.

Perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting aspects of any game is chance. You never know how the odds will manifest, and this creates a feeling of excitement and surprise. In this article, we take a look at some of the random aspects of different games as well as the math behind them!

What does ‘random’ really mean?

When we talk about random events, we do not usually talk about things that have no explanation whatsoever. Instead, we are referring to events that ended up manifesting themselves despite the low likelihood and probability of that happening.

For instance, let us say we meet our best friend while shopping. This can be considered a rather random event, but the randomness of it depends on the underlying circumstances and facts. If we live far apart from this person, we are less likely to meet them at the mall. The probabilities are lowered even more if neither of us really ever goes to the mall. The higher the odds are stacked against something happening, the more random it will feel when it actually does.

Randomness in video games

In games, random events can be a great source of joy and excitement. For instance, a role-playing game might see players trying to find treasure chests on their travels. With the help of randomness, game developers can make finding the best loot very improbable. The chance of finding an extremely good helmet could be 0.1%, which means that only one out of every 1000 chests will hold this item. When a player finally manages to find one, they will undoubtedly be ecstatic about it.

For a long time, random events in video games have been used to make games more interesting. Even some of the very first video games used this to their advantage to make up for otherwise repetitive and redundant gameplay. In old RPGs, players may have come against hordes and hordes of the same enemies. To add more spice to these battles, the developers have often taken advantage of random loot.

While battling hundreds of identical skeleton warriors might sound like a drag, the fact that every now and then one of them might drop something cool does make things at least a little less jarring.

Randomness in casino games

As you probably know, casino games are all about randomness. Whenever you spin the reels of an online casino slot, you know that you are submitting yourself to the whims of Lady Luck. In other words, whether you win or lose will then be determined by random number generators, or RNGs for short.

A random number generator is used to make sure that the events of casino games stay as pure, clean, and random as possible. Verovapaatnettikasinot.net lists brands that use RNGs in all of their casino games. However, it is obvious that the chances given to the player winning and losing are not the same. Instead, it is all based on a mathematical equation where the best outcomes have a slim chance of coming to fruition.

To understand how randomness in casino games works, you can consider the following scenario… The definition of gambling is when you are being promised a chance for something but this chance is not paid well enough for you to have a fair shot in the long run.

If a person offers you the possibility of doubling your money when you get a 5 or a 6 on a six-sided die, would you take it? If this means losing your money on all four other outcomes, this can be considered gambling as you will obviously be losing more than winning if you keep playing for a long time.

Randomness in board games

Whenever a board game involves throwing dice, you know that you will be dealing with at least a modicum of randomness and chance. This makes playing with your friends and family more fun and relaxed as everyone can always hide behind the fact that they had worse luck than others.


Again, random elements can make any game more fun for players. They make sure that things can never be the same and that outcomes remain varied every time you play!

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