Top 5 iOS Games to Play with Your Friends

Gaming is a wonderful relaxation. To play alone, you can learn more about UK casinos. But what if you want to spend time with your friends? In this case, the following games will be the best choice.

ACTIVITY Original Remote

The board game Activiti was invented more than 20 years ago, and later it was transferred to the iPhone screen. And it has stood the test of time, because ACTIVITY Original Remote is still played with pleasure. The rules are very simple, you have to explain the meaning of the card that appears on the screen to the other players of the team without saying a word (the app will indicate the way to do it). The new version allows you to synchronize between different devices from Apple and pass the move or make hints, just by touching the screen with your finger.


UNO is a popular card game played with a special deck. The deck includes cards of four colors with numbers from 0 to 9, as well as special action cards. The rules may seem complicated at first, but once you start playing, you'll immediately realize that everything is quite simple. In this version of UNO you are offered nine variations of the rules, choose the ones that seem more interesting. You can play alone, with friends (you'll need to sync your iPhone with their devices) or with random players from the World Wide Web.


Do you like to sing karaoke? If so, this game is just for you. Sing! invites you to a karaoke party on an unbelievable scale: it covers the whole world. New songs are added every day, so you can easily show off your talent with a song you really like. Sing with other people, sing with your family and friends, or sing with whomever the app randomly chooses to be your partner. And check out what your voice sounds like with the voice filters you use.

Dance Party

And this game is for those who love to dance. Launch Dance Party app on your device and try to repeat what dancers show on the screen. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer or TV and the big picture will make this entertainment not only available to you, but also to those with whom you are currently spending time. You can simply have fun, dance to keep in shape, or participate in exciting dance battles with friends and players from other countries, because distance and borders for the Internet - nothing, just an illusion.

King of Opera

Ever wonder how hard the life of an opera singer is? King of Opera gives you the chance to try on the role of a tenor who has to sing an aria, no matter what. But it is not so easy! In multiplayer mode, you have to throw friends or relatives off the stage, and they will try to throw you off. In the end, there must be only one who is really worthy to be called the king of opera. But watch out for the bull tenor, he's more dangerous than all the others.