Ranking of Slots With the Highest Payouts in Online Casinos

With the apparently unstoppable growth of online betting, more and more customers are seeking online casinos that pay out substantial amounts of money. Choosing the best slots that pay out frequently and in large amounts boosts your chances of earning money.

Slot machines are quite popular nowadays all over the world. They have more variety than any other casino game. Almost every gambling fan will tell you that they are the greatest casino games available. Tune in to find more about slots, RTP and our list of the best paying slot games.

What Is RTP?

If you have ever heard of the term RTP but aren't sure what it means, here's a quick explanation. Return To Player is the payout percentage or average percentage that the machine pays out to the player in relation to the amount wagered. Although this percentage does not ensure that your wins will equal the RTP, it does on average.

It's easy to understand why so many skilled gamblers favour slot games with higher RTP percentages. Because the RTP % of a slot game may have a significant influence on winnings, it's critical to do your homework and focus on the slots with the highest RTP. For example, if you wager $100 on a slot with 70% RTP, you would typically win back $70, while playing at a slot with 95% RTP you'd typically win $95.

The term "house edge" suggests that the house always wins, and it is essentially the same notion as "return to player." This means that slots are designed to make money for the casino since it gives them a statistical edge. All casino games have a house edge built-in, although the extent of that edge varies per game. In order to generate profit, the house's advantage must always be less than 99 percent.

Ranking the Top Payout Slots

The most experienced gamblers all have their preferred slot games, and if you're still undecided about yours, here are some of the most popular highest payout online casinos slots rated by their payout percentage.

Mustang Gold

This game offers a high RTP of 96.53% and a variety of rewards. Horses and mustangs are very important symbols in the game. The additional feature of this game is the bonfire scatter symbol, which awards you eight free spins if you land three of them.

Another interesting feature of this game is the money gather function, which involves the gold horseshoe money sign, each of which has a different cash award. It also contains a jackpot prize that can appear on any of the money symbols at any time. The biggest jackpot award for the luckiest players is up to 1000x their wager.

Narcos Slot

This NetEnt title has a high RTP of 96.23% and a high level of variance. The Walking Wilds feature appears as a symbol that stays on the reels and advances one step left on consecutive spins. Another interesting characteristic of this slot is the Locked Up and gold Locked Up symbols, which have chain links surrounding them. You can win cash by connecting the linked symbols to two or more nearby symbols. If you combine a golden locked up symbol with a chained sign, your chances of making a profit are increased.

Scroll of the Dead

This Egyptian-themed slot has a high variance and an RTP of 94.28%. The slot's interface is straightforward and easy to understand. It includes a bonus round with a wild symbol and three or more scarab scatter symbols that trigger free spins mode, giving the player extra chances to win. The sixth reel unlocks during the free spins mode, making the slot 6x3 instead of the standard 5x3. This option allows players to earn greater rewards by giving them more chances to connect five or six symbols and win.

Bonanza Slot

Bonanza is a popular title known for its 7x6x1x4 reel structure, 96% RTP, and very high variance. It contains an avalanche extra feature that awards re-spins to players who match symbols.

The Bonanza slot free spins feature is activated once you have completely spelled "gold" using symbols. In this bonus round, the player has the opportunity to win more free spins by landing at least three gold stack symbols.

Mega Moolah

Slot machines such as Mega Moolah are popular with players, even if it has an RTP of only 88% and fairly high variance. It contains a free spin feature that starts when you get at least three monkey-scatter symbols and awards 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.

The Mega Moolah jackpot wheel feature is one of the game's best features, which is activated randomly during the main game and when wagering the highest amount possible. It is quite unlikely you will win the jackpot, but if you are fortunate enough, you may become quite wealthy.


With so many slot games to choose from, a player can feel overwhelmed when picking which one to play. You have hopefully learned more about slots as well as been equipped with some good options to choose from when you pick your next slot game. Good luck and don’t forget to go for fun while choosing wisely.