What Are Current Predictions About Gambling In Australia?

What Are Current Predictions About Gambling In Australia?

Today gambling is an increasingly popular form of entertainment among Australians. More and more people find it really enjoyable to play online nowadays. It is known that gambling itself is prohibited in Australia. Maybe in the future, the government will revise this aspect. But now, the population is able to play only at foreign sites.

Let’s learn everything we can expect from Australian online casinos next year.

Number Of Sites

The most obvious prediction is that the number of online casino sites will only grow. There will be some new ones with the most modern technology and service. Old sites will still exist, and they will improve their features as well.

For example, one of the veterans of the gambling industry, Casino Mate, which was established in 2011, will be working. All its features will be saved or improved to a higher level. Several new ones will be added too.

Low Popularity Of Land-Based Casinos

In the modern world, almost everyone has their own mobile device, laptop or computer. There is no need to leave your house and go to a particular place to play games. That is why establishments will lose their popularity as it is much more convenient for people to gamble remotely and online casinos will be at an advantage in 2023.

Live Dealer Games

What Are Current Predictions About Gambling In Australia?

Nowadays we can observe that playing against a real dealer online is one of the most played games at every site. It is a great opportunity to combine such factors as excitement and convenience.

In 2023 there will be not only much more live casino games but also some new online casinos that will offer this type of entertainment.

To play live dealer we recommend you to try such a site as Mate Casino.

Increase In the Use Of Cryptocurrency

Most online casinos offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. People find it useful as there are a few advantages of such an option.

Firstly, users can pay anonymously and at the same time completely safely. Secondly, there are no commissions and you will not spend more money than you want if we compare it with traditional banking methods.

But it doesn’t mean that only crypto will be available in 2023. You will still be able to use your credit or debit card to make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. For example, Casino Mate AU offers both conventional methods and cryptocurrency.

Play Everywhere

The most perfect feature of online casinos is that they are available wherever you are. Whether you are at work, at home, or standing in line in the shop all you need is to have a good Internet connection.

Such an opportunity is really appreciated by the Australian people. If you see a person who is looking extremely excited in 2023, you can be sure that he or she is gambling.

The only disadvantage is that people are likely to overfocus on the process and don’t know what happens around them.


We have already said that more and more people start gambling online in the modern world. For some of them, it is a hobby, while for others it is passion.

The number of players will incredibly grow in 2023. That is why there is a possibility of a lot of scammers appearing. To avoid unfairness make sure that you are gambling at a safe and legal site.

Online casinos themselves are trying to solve this problem too.

If you can’t find the site to play at, we advise you to Casino Mate Australia.

Variety Of Devices Accepting Online Casinos

What Are Current Predictions About Gambling In Australia?

Today players can use their smartphones and laptops to gamble online. Sometimes the casino requires you to install an app. In other cases, you need just to choose a mobile version at the site.

But what should we expect in 2023? Gambling will be available on your watches. It seems to be impossible but there will be such an ability.

Online Casino: Virtual Reality

Finally, our last prediction is that there will be a VR mode concerning the gambling industry. It means that you will be able to feel yourself in the atmosphere of a real casino at home. It is another reason why land-based ones will be ignored.


Generally, we observe how the world is changing. The same is about the sphere of online casinos. 2023 is expected to be full of novelties.

They include the ability to gamble on your smartwatches, an increase in using cryptocurrencies, VR mode, accessibility to play everywhere, and more live dealer games.

Also, there is a possibility that establishments will be used rarely and the competitiveness will become higher. From one point of you, it is an advantage as the process of gaming will be thrilling. Nevertheless, some experienced gamblers used to visit land-based casinos and play there. It will be difficult for them to start playing online.

To enjoy every new aspect of gambling we advise you to play at Casino Mate online casino. You can learn some important details at casino-mate-australia.com.