What are The Best Roulette Numbers?

The best roulette numbers are different for every player. Lifelong roulette luck plays a huge part in each person’s personal preference when it comes to roulette numbers, but some statistics may back up some claims. Whether you’re looking to pay a visit to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas or play online roulette in a reliable casino like 7Bit Casino, it’s always good to have a strong grasp of how roulette numbers work and which are the best roulette numbers that you can bet on.

Best Roulette Numbers

To understand which are the best roulette numbers, we can take a look at the most played games in casino tables across the world. These are the best roulette numbers according to the people:

Number 17

The popularity of the number 17 is mainly because, on a regular roulette wheel, the number is located in the right center, which attracts the attention of gamblers. This has made number 17 the most played number across roulette tables in the world.

Number 7

The famous “lucky 7” is an omen of good fortune in many cultures across the globe. That has caused it to be one of the numbers for which more people place straight bets.

Number 3

Number 3 seems to be widely played by gamblers across the world, but is unclear why. Some associate it with good fortune, but the belief is not as widespread as it is with the number 7.

Worst Roulette Numbers

There are some roulette numbers that gamblers seem to avoid at all costs. You can do the simple exercise of sitting at your local casino’s table and looking at the bets that people are placing to notice that the following numbers rarely get bet on.

Numbers 30 to 36

It is unclear why people do not like to wager on the last few numbers of a roulette wheel, but it’s a common trend across the world. You will notice how most gamblers choose to avoid the thirties when placing roulette wagers. It becomes particularly noticeable when playing with multiple gamblers in a land-based casino. Most 30+ bets are made on combined wagers and very rarely on straight numbers.

Number 13

This is the easiest number to understand why people do not like to wager on it. Widely associated with bad luck in Western cultures, number 13 is the one number that most people look to avoid when gambling on roulette – even when it comes to creating combined wagers. On the flip side, winning with a straight bet on 13 could be one of the most pleasant moments of your roulette career!

Number 6

Six is another number that is extremely unpopular among roulette players, but it’s hard to explain why.

Some could say that the number is close to 7 and people jump straight to a number 7 bet, while others associate it with the “Number of the Devil”, 666, which could explain why it may feel like a bad luck omen. They call this game “The Devil’s Wheel”, after all, so perhaps the latter reasoning is flawed – could Lady Luck smile your way with a straight bet on the 6?

Roulette Odds Explained

It’s always fun to think of numbers as if they could really influence the outcome of our bets. A win by betting on the 7 could make you believe that good luck actually exists, while a loss while betting on the 13 may put you off from making that wager for life.

In reality, it doesn’t matter which numbers you end up betting for – especially if you place your bets in online roulette, where the odds are all the same and there are no external factors to influence any outcomes.

Should you prefer placing bets based on statistics and probability, you may want to check out the odds of the two classic roulette wheels and make a decision accordingly:

Betting Odds in European Roulette (Only One Zero)

Betting Odds in American Roulette (Zero and Double Zero)

Choose Your Favorite Roulette Game and Play!

Roulette is, and will remain for the foreseeable future, one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in luck or you wager on the game for fun, the odds of the game and how easy it is to understand it make it a fantastic game to play in any gambling establishment – whether online or land-based.

Remember to choose a reliable and licensed online casino if you wish to gamble online. The odds on legit online roulette games are the same as the ones shown in the betting odds in this article.

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