eGaming & Gambling: The Same Things or Not

Computer games and gambling slots have never had anything in common and belonged to completely different areas of entertainment. The first is liked by people who have a desire to just play in their free time and compete with each other, the latter is appreciated by individuals seeking an opportunity to win real cash. The psychological mechanisms for capturing attention in these areas may be similar, but some gamers enjoy the playing process, and some gamblers enjoy excitement and money.

However, the rate of the gambling business becomes more and more significant annually. Turnovers of both gaming and virtual casinos increase and reach simply incredible levels of development. We must say that now these both areas have a specific impact on each other. For example, several casinos for Japanese online gambling provide slots based on popular eGames. Speaking about eGaming, it becomes more commercialised in its turn. In this article, we are going to overview several features and the similarities and differences of these two branches of the entertainment sphere.

How Online Gambling Differs from Gaming

To understand the difference between such popular types of entertainment services, it is necessary to define these two concepts. Gambling refers to playing for money with an unexpected outcome. Online casino gambling necessarily has three components: bets made in advance, an expectation of the result, and the chances of receiving a money reward.

Gaming is understood as various types of computer games, completely different in nature, which do not have any financial risks. Gaming has gorgeous playing solutions with stunning graphics and a well-thought storyline. However, in such games, the player only becomes a full-fledged participant in the process, without the possibility of receiving any cash reward.

Although the terms are not completely identical, they have some similarities. For instance, such a direction as eSports is actually related to gambling. Virtual sports are entire tournaments that are implemented through computer games.

Software Developers Creating Slots Based on Computer Games

Casino entertainment developers have already realized if they do not take into account the trends in eSports and computer games, they will have a very hard time in the future. In this regard, the industry has found the following vectors of change:

The development of eSports and computer entertainment is taking a lot of users away from casinos. Therefore, now slot developers have to puzzle over how to rectify the situation in their favor.

Blockchain in Gaming & Gambling Industries

The computer games industry supports the introduction of new technologies and is usually ahead of all other areas, including even targeted ones. Blockchain technologies are no exception.

Considering that blockchain is always about money, blockchain games are expected to attract interest from online casinos. Its smart contract honesty expands an audience and involves those people who usually do not trust casino operators.

The use of cryptocurrencies in computer games that do not belong to the category of online gambling inevitably causes the interest of a huge player community and increases the popularity of such games for those who prefer to rely on their skills and gaming experience, choosing computer games where the result depends on the actions and decisions of the player rather than a random number generator.

The use of blockchain in entertainment deserves serious consideration as it creates extra needs for cryptocurrencies and provides a wide field for the development of new skills in working with crypto, e-wallets, and smart contracts. In addition, the demand for blockchain toys creates a need for blockchain developers and presents them with interesting challenges.