Top 10 Tips to Win Big at Online Roulette

Most people assume that Roulette Online is one of the easiest games to play because one does not require any specialized skill. However, that’s far from the truth, and this wrong presumption is the very reason that most players end up giving the house an edge over them. Fortunately, you can have the best online gaming experience possible by playing at trustworthy online casinos. Next, by using some simple gaming strategies and a keen eye for detail, you can easily increase your chances of winning a roulette game. If you are new to the world of online gambling and are looking out for the best online casinos, try playing at one of the UK online roulette at Let us now discuss some of the most simple and effective tips that can help you win the big prize money on a roulette table.

1. Place multiple corner bets

To increase your chances of a win at the roulette table, start the game by placing multiple corner bets and best paying online casino will help you do that. However, choose the corner nearest to the winning number. Usually, the payouts for the corner bets are somewhere around 1:8 and considering the higher chances of winning them, it is safer than most other types of bets.

2. Bet on a low minimum and high maximum table

A simple and easy way to increase your chances of a win is by betting smaller amounts on red or black. You could also try your hand at the odd-even bets as these have the highest chances of a win. Also, this should be a confidence booster for those who have recently gotten into roulette.

3. Stay Away from single number bets

So you are all excited about the 1:35 payout on the single number inside bets? Well, the chances of winning that are pretty grim. So, make it a point to play this once in a while and stick to the ones that have higher odds of the player winning.

4. The classic Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy has been an all-time favorite amongst Bitcoin Roulette enthusiasts which relies upon covering up the losses by increasing the betting amount after every loss. The purpose of doing this is to recover all previous losses with one single win. However, this gaming strategy requires you to start small, and stick to black or red throughout the game.

5. Reverse Martingale

As the name goes, Reverse Martingale is exactly the opposite of the Martingale strategy and the amount of money that you bet increases after every win. Here also, the player needs to stick to one particular color, or either type of numbers— even or odd.

6. Fibonacci Rule

This strategy aims at covering up all the previous losses and staying ahead by at least a small margin. Basically, this requires every third bet amount to be the sum of the previous two bets lost.

7. Start Big

You don’t always have to eye the single number bumper win to make money from this casino game. Instead, you could place low-risk high odds bet like the black or red and odd or even bets. Although the payouts are generally low, you can always try to double your investment and re-invest it on the high-risk single digit inside bets.

8. The Bond Strategy

If you have just started off playing roulette then consider the Bond strategy which requires you to place 3 bets simultaneously. For example, you place $10 on zero, $140 on the 19 to 36 boxes and $50 on the 13 to 18 boxes. So, the chances of losing are minimized to the possibility of the ball striking numbers between 1 and 12 only.

9. Get Better at Math and Physics

According to a study, researchers claim that the outcome of any roulette table can be predicted. The study claims that by taking note of the time it takes for the ball on the roulette wheel to pass through a fixed spot, its velocity can be determined. Further on, this study claims to be accurate at least 59% of the time, resulting in at least 18% returns.

10. Know when to stop

No matter which gambling strategy you follow, there’s one thing that doesn’t change. That’s the possibility of losing and while we do not mean to discourage you, we do urge our readers to remain alert. So if you lost 6 spins on a roulette wheel, then chances are that you won’t be able to recover your losses. With that in mind, be prepared to start afresh after a certain number of spins.

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