Is Black Ops 6 Call Of Duty’s Last Chance?

With Call Of Duty being one of the biggest game series of all time, this question that I am asking may seem disrespectful to the series itself. But, the truth is, Call of Duty is dying and it has been for several years now and as an avid Call Of Duty player, it's a sad fact to face.

The seeds were planted when Destiny was in the spotlight and was one of the best games of the year with its future gameplay, Sledgehammer saw this and developed a game to fit this niche, The futuristic games that Call of Duty started to produce saw the start of the decline with Black Ops 3 being the only exception to this rule as the game was well loved by fans and sold a lot of copies.

After Advanced Warfare and the later Infinity Warfare, the light around Call Of Duty as a series was really bad and if you looked at people ranking the Call Of Duty games you would likely see the newer ones nearer the bottom and this is an issue that they need to address. In the early 2000s Call Of Duty was the biggest and if you could bet on the trajectory of the series like you can with tennis betting odds, you would assume it would only grow up and get better. Sadly, this has not been the case over the last decade.

If you sat and thought about Call Of Duty and its lifespan, two bad games in twenty-plus years is not a bad record but Infinity Warfare and Advanced Warfare aren't their only bad games as it feels like nearly every game they have released for half a decade has had issues. Especially games like Modern Warfare 3 and Call Of Duty Ghosts, with these two being some of the worst first-person shooter games I've played in a while. It is a really dark time for Call Of Duty but it seems a slither of hope is back.

Black Ops 6

Recently Activision announced the release of Black Ops 6 as their next game. Black Ops is my favourite game series, even if 4 and Cold War weren't great, I still would rank 1,2 and 3 as some of my favourite games of all time. I also think that the general consensus is that Black Ops is one of the best titles in COD history and this is backed up by the reaction to the announcement, with hope being put into players again.

The Worry

The worry here is the hope and the love that is being poured into this game already, if the game is released and is disappointing, it will massively hurt the series and the game and Treyarch and COD cannot afford for this to happen. A lot of the excitement is coming from the Call Of Duty gaming community and this is the people the developers should be appealing to. Call Of Duty would not have been as popular as it was with the young gaming community if it wasn't for YouTubers like Faze Clan who got the younger generation interested because of their personalities and who they were as well as their personalities.

Why This Is The Last Chance

I have posed the question of if it is Call Of Duty's last chance and I think it is. This franchise has been dying for many years and it's only a matter of time before it gets lower and lower and the series reaches new lows. One of the things is the gameplay and the repetitiveness. A lot of players, me included, have been playing COD for nearly 15 years and it being the same game every year doesn't help. But when they do try to do things differently, they don't do it that well, like Advanced Warfare, so it is a lose-lose for them.

I also think that gamers, in general, want games like Call of Duty less, story games like Spiderman are dominating the gaming world and first-person shooters have been pushed to the back and left there to rot and Black Ops is their chance to save it.

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