Call of Duty Warzone: How to Aim Better

Call of Duty Warzone: How to Aim Better

Call of Duty Warzone is a popular FPS game that does not need any introduction. It has a massive number of players worldwide. Also, the game attracts a vast community of professional players. This has set high standards for gamers worldwide.

Today, we will give tips on improving your aim in Call of Duty Warzone. You can also use the best Warzone hacks from Battlelog to improve yourself in this challenging but fun game.

Use Suitable Weapons

This is very critical to aim your weapon correctly. Please do not choose a weapon because it is too lethal or your favorite player uses it. Choose your weapon according to your comfort level, check yourself - how much recoil does that weapon have?

Are you able to control it during firefights? If you choose uncontrollable weapons, then they will kill your aim. Whenever you open the scope to shoot, your aim will get off-target. If you are a beginner, stick to SMGs with low recoils.

After learning about attachments to control recoil, you can switch to heavy assault rifles and LMGs.

Aim at Center of Screen

Many pro players tell you to keep your aim at the center of the screen when you are looting or running on the map. It will help you engage the enemy as they appear before you. The enemy's chest is around the center of the screen, and if you keep your aim fixed, you will have a wide area to hit.

You can say that it is a sort of anticipation technique. You are anticipating the likely position of the enemy. This will be helpful when you are approaching windows. You can point your gun towards the window's center. If an enemy pops up, you will waste no time in killing it.

Practice in 3D Aim Trainer

It is a free-of-cost training tool available on the internet for anyone to access. You can replicate the FOV of Warzone and practice aiming there. All the weapons available in the warzone are also available for you to choose from.

Doing this can spare you from awful and frustrating deaths in the actual game while trying to get better. Using this app, you can keep a healthy K/D ratio in the actual game while still learning.

Yet, if you have played FPS games before, it should not be hard for you to aim for this game. But if you have no experience, it is worth a shot to practice on this app.

Find Perfect Sensitivity

Finding a suitable sensitivity setting is critical in a warzone. If you keep your sensitivity settings too slow, you will miss fast-moving players. If you keep it too fast, you might get overwhelmed while shooting.

Thus, finding a perfect setting is crucial. You should keep track of problems that you face in every game. Then only you can find settings that will perfectly suit you. Never copy any pro player if you are a beginner; move at your own pace and find your playing style.

Check Bullet Speeds

This is also a critical aspect to keep in mind when shooting. Different weapons have different bullet speeds, which means they will have different ranges. You must be aware of the exact range of the weapon you are using to know where you aim.

If your weapon has a low bullet speed and short-range, you have to aim a little higher than your target. This would lead to a perfect shot for shooting at high ranges. But, if your weapon has high-speed bullets, then you do not have to worry about aiming high. Your bullets will land on the perfect spot that you want to engage.


Call of Duty Warzone has fantastic gameplay, but very few can ace this game to perfection. You have to be innovative to succeed in this game. Do not copy other players. Choose the weapon you can control, not the one your favorite player uses.

Make your custom sensitivity settings to enhance your movements. Check which weapon you are shooting and decide on a high or exact aim according to it. If you still feel that you need some extra practice, use 3D Aim Trainer.