Does Your IT Department Need Log Management and Monitoring?

Your IT department is constantly working to keep your technical information organized. However, if you're not using log monitoring, they could be missing out on critical information that could help your site to run more efficiently. Log monitoring is a tool that can be used to collect event data across each page of your domain. With this useful information, IT specialists can pinpoint different errors, speed issues, downtime and even security threats that would otherwise infiltrate your system.

Problem Solving

Many different facets of your website can experience problems from time to time. This includes both applications that have been installed as well as scripts used throughout the site itself. The vast majority of customers and visitors will not report an error if it's found when using the domain, leaving your IT department to find this issue themselves. Using Papertrail log management can help to pinpoint these internal errors so that they can be fixed and repaired more quickly.

Find and Fix Speed Issues

Load times are critical for a successful running website. If your pages are loading too slowly, it can be downright impossible for visitors to go from one area of the site to another. Monitoring gives your IT department the knowledge of how long pages are loading and which visitors are having issues when visiting the domain. This can help them to repair these problems and make changes so that the site loads and runs more efficiently.

Eradicate Downtime

Downtime can be caused by a vast array of different internal problems. These issues can include outdated software and equipment, overload, compatibility problems and poorly used and installed patches. Downtime can keep visitors from having access to your website, which can turn them away and prevent them from coming back. By eradicating downtime using log monitoring, you're able to prevent it entirely by understanding what's causing it.

Prevent a Security Breach

Hackers are continually trying to get into different servers and systems across the web. Unfortunately, this can leave you and your customers vulnerable to an attack. Hackers will often try to gain access to servers by using simplistic passwords or by manipulating the coding through an outdated script or application. Monitoring for script errors and unusual activity can give your IT department a heads up when it comes to preventing a full security breach in the system.

Quick, Easy Access to Logs

The whole point of log monitoring is to collect and then file data that can be reviewed by your IT department at any time. Using a software or program that does the work for them can make their job a whole lot easier. Rather than trying to sift through data themselves, they are able to receive alerts if something is not right and they can go through logged files for easy access and viewing. Your IT department is only useful if they are able to fix and repair issues pertaining to the technology being used in the office. With the proper monitoring system, this can be done for them so that they are able to work on repairs.