HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Bring your customers back online!

Bring your customers back online!

You are running your own litte ISP in the city, for some reason some of your customers gets offline. As you're the only one in the company you need to investigate and fix their problems. Oh, and you don't have a car or bike or even a skateboard either.

The game supports keyboard, mouse, gamepad and device orientation ("gaze") controls.

VR controls:
- move left/right: tilt your head left/right
- jump: look up
- slide: look down
- click: look at object

By default mouse is enabled on desktop, and gaze control for VR. Press a button/key on your keyboard/controller/gamepad during the startup to configure.

The game is heavliy work in progress, it still needs a lot of features. But hey, it's playable! Kind of.

Code/etc: gheja
Music: Strayboom

Categories: webxr