Gambling Superstition: Can They Bring Luck in Cleopatra Free Slots and Other Games?

Gambling superstition has always existed from the very beginning of gambling. As they spread, it gave rise to superstitions within the slot machine players as well. There are a few beliefs associated with slots, and many gamblers worldwide have different weird ideologies they think will improve their chances of winnings. It might seem shocking, but a lot of players believe in them while playing Cleopatra free slots or any other games.

Below are some of the most common superstitions most players believe in. Bear in mind that some of them do not work in every part of the world. It is mostly influenced by the particular country’s lifestyle, culture, norms, and values. This list would be divided into good and bad superstitions.

Bad Luck Superstitions

Good Luck Gambling Superstition

Standing up

This is a very common superstition where you see players that are standing up while playing. It is widely believed that this could increase your odds of winnings. Some gamblers think that slot machines can tell when you’re relaxed and then wouldn’t let you win. Before you all start standing to play, do not forget that slot machines spin randomly. It’s not some predetermined event, so it doesn’t matter if you’re sitting, standing, or lying down while playing a game.

Blowing on Dice

This was made popular after Marlon Brando made a similar statement in Guys and Dolls. Now how do you blow on dice while playing in an online casino, where players have no access to real dice? Well, most players still strangely follow through by giving their monitors or phones a little blow in hopes that it will affect the virtual dice. In most real-life casinos, dice are treated specially, with most of them kept locked until they’re needed by players.

Unlucky in Love, Lucky in Gambling

There’s a saying that goes if you’re lucky in gambling, you’ll be unlucky in love. The Germans also have a similar proverb (Gluck in the spiel, pech in der Liebe). This gambling superstition doesn’t hold water because it’s not true. The whole meaning behind this saying is that to be successful at gambling; you’ll have to sacrifice your relationship. However, quite a good number of gamblers are happily married or in a healthy relationship.

Wearing Red to Play

In some Asian countries, red is seen as a lucky color. Chinese brides wear red for their wedding ceremony. Red is associated with prosperity and wealth. It is a famous gambling superstition; even Chinese gamblers wear red shirts, shoes, and even underpants to play slot games. Others join in this superstition by betting on the red number.

Lucky Charms for Gambling

Most casino players usually have one object or another that they itemize as their lucky charm while playing. Some have card protectors or favorite objects that remind them of when they won a huge payout. In a casino, a good luck charm could be anything from a piece of clothing to pieces of jewelry, a lucky rabbit's foot, and a lot more. These items might not bring any good luck, but when a player hits a big jackpot while having those items close, then it is considered a good luck charm.

Bad luck superstitions Good luck superstitions
Crossing your legs while playing Standing up while playing
Itchy palms Blowing the dice
Whistling while playing Unlucky in love, luck in gambling
Wearing red
Luck charms


Gambling superstitions are just what they are called “superstitions”. They do not hold water and are false. They are mostly influenced by an event that occurred while doing them and thus held as some sacred truth. Some superstitious beliefs that are considered bad in some countries might also be considered good in others. The best thing in all countries would be claiming True Blue Casino no deposit bonus and spending it on slots. You will not risk your money but still have a chance to win. Remember that superstitions do not in any way determine if a player is going to win or lose, so you shouldn't take them seriously to heart.