How do I get around Gamstop?

There are many gambling people on the planet today who seek to quench their passion in many different ways. The easiest one is to play at an online casino that has managed to earn a reputation as a reliable gaming portal. is just one of those reputable gambling resources.

Unfortunately, gambling at online casinos can end up in serious financial losses. And then there is the gambling addiction, which is incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Statistics show that the number of people exposed to gambling addiction has been steadily increasing. That is why the British Isles have developed a free national programme called Gamstop, which is supposed to help British citizens exclude themselves from all forms of online gambling that exists in the country.

Gamstop system

The fact that Gamstop is needed in Foggy Albion became clear literally as soon as it was launched, as more than 38,000 applications for self-exclusion were written a few weeks later.

Players need only apply for self-exclusion on their own accord. Once registered, all accounts of a particular gambler will be blocked for a period ranging from six months to five years, with the length of the self-exclusion period determined by the player's own choice. Gamstop users will be denied access to online gambling at casinos and betting shops that are registered in the UK.

A person submits an application in this system with their full personal information including their full name, residential address, postal code, etc. The player will be denied access if they subsequently attempt to log into their own account on any of the Gamstop partner resource sites.

Some players are disgruntled

Not all gambling enthusiasts are enthusiastic about the introduction of Gamstop. Many saw it as a violation of human rights and opposed the introduction of Gamstop.

While not denying the many merits of the introduced programme for those suffering from gambling addiction, Gamstop opponents claim that the minimum self-exclusion time of 6 months is too long.

A second disadvantage of the programme is that it only applies to virtual gambling establishments licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In addition, the program's haters oppose any restrictions placed on gambling adherents.

This is why many UK citizens have started looking for ways to circumvent the Gamstop system and allow gambling without any problems at any gambling sites without even the smallest of restrictions.

Existing ways to bypass Gamstop

There are currently six ways for UK gamblers to bypass GamStop. Players with no experience with online gaming should only need between 10 and 15 minutes to select any one of these and get back in the game.

Gaming on sites not connected to Gamstop

The easiest option, accessible even to complete "dummies".

The player simply signs up with sites that have nothing to do with the self-exclusion program and is able to play casinos or bookmakers without the slightest restriction, getting the most generous bonuses that the UKGC operators cannot afford because of the high taxes.

Gambling without checking

A second interesting option is registering at casinos without verification, which allow players to play without verifying their identity. These sites allow anyone to play without any ID. For self-excluded players, this means that they can continue playing even though they are registered with Gamstop and the system will not be able to find his name in the database.

Use of cryptography to bypass Gamstop

Gaming portals that use cryptocurrency for payment are becoming increasingly popular in today's online gambling industry, and thus GamStop customers. Such gambling operators do not require identification documents, bank statements or self-exclusion profiles. The only thing a player needs is their cryptocurrency wallet and a few coins inside.

Circumventing the Gamstop system with another account

Another option is to use the data to register with either brand. That is, Gamstop may not even know that the gambler has an account, and yet he can still play his favourite gambling games. The details should clearly indicate that a completely different person is playing in the casino and the player's identity will remain anonymous.

Gambling in land-based casinos

Online casinos are tied to a self-exclusion system called Gamstop. A land based casino near you can solve the problem.

Use a VPN to cheat Gamstop

This is a fairly new and viable way to bypass the Gamstop system. By using the right VPN, any obstacles can be bypassed. That is, by faking your geolocation, you can access any online casino site. Immediately, many non-UK licensed resources will be available, many of which allow gambling via VPN.