Technology that Has Helped Change the Face of Online Gambling

Modern technology that has resulted in better programming and faster Internet access is the key driving factor behind the ongoing development of the gambling industry. Gambling is increasingly moving online to the point that online casinos are now more popular than their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts. Let's look at some of the technological breakthroughs that have helped to shape the modern gambling world.


The old days of having to download software to play online games are gone, and Javascript - along with HTML5 - has been one of the main driving factors behind this change. A fun way to learn about Javascript is to explore the way in which an online video slots game is made. Online slots games are essentially no different to the traditional "one-arm-bandit" slot machines that you would find in a physical casino, only they're online.

Nowadays, rather than heading out to a casino many people find it preferable to play slots online and in many ways it can be more profitable. For this reason, online slots games have become very popular and thousands of variations of these games can be found across the Internet. Some of the most high paying casino sites feature a wide range of slots games that have been programmed using Javascript.

With the Javascript coding language, a developer can create an animated background image that can be programmed to react in different ways depending on the gameplay. Naturally, a game developer will want to employ a graphic artist or animator to make this background art look as impressive as possible. Various buttons can easily be included around the game and programmed to perform certain actions when a player clicks on them. This makes up the basic interface of the game but of course, the coding in the background is a bit more complex.

On top of this image, rows of spinning slots can be animated to recreate the feeling of a real slot machine. However, this animation is only for effect and the real randomization of each spin is done with code in the background. In some modern slots games, this randomization is made secure and transparent using blockchain technology, which makes it impossible for an online casino to trick the player.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the technology on which the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its many variations were built. It essentially provides a method by which two individuals can conduct a secure transaction online without either party being able to trick the other.

This works by using a very large, distributed network of computers to encode encrypted blocks of transactions within each other that would require an even bigger, more powerful network of computers to decode.

This means that all transactions are recorded in perpetuity, are visible to all users, and are almost impossible to alter after the fact. For online casinos, this technology is very useful for providing a provably fair, trustworthy gambling experience.


HTML5 is another technology that has helped to complete the online gambling experience. As more people began exclusively using mobile phones for online gaming, compatibility problems meant Javascript alone was not sufficient.

HTML5 helped to make Javascript games compatible across all different devices, so players could play anywhere, at any time. In addition to this, HTML5 offers stronger security to help reduce the prevalence of cyber fraud and online identity theft.

These combined technologies have made online gambling a safer, smoother experience than ever before. Research from online statistics agency Statista now estimates that this burgeoning industry could be worth almost $100 billion by 2024 - more than double its current value.

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