Things to expect in 2020 for online gaming

Over the past couple of years, there have been significant changes in the casino realm, and it's safe to say the changes are far beyond what anyone would have imagined a decade ago.
With gradual advancement in technology and a fast-growing user-base, the world has seen hundreds of online casinos springing up on the web.
2020 will surely be an exciting year for online casinos, and this means there will be a fiercer competition between online casinos, and also amongst the developers or tech companies as they strive to bring forward their best games.
It is common knowledge that a lot of the tech companies leading the way are from Malta and India, so most casinos online in India are optimised for the player in mind since India is a big casino market. In this text, every online casino enthusiast's questions on what is in store for the industry in 2020, and how the expected changes will affect the gambling world, will be answered. Read further.

Virtual Reality

VR (or Virtual Reality) is going to hit the gambling world big in 2020. The market is gradually stocking up on affordable VR headsets, and with these headsets are a boatload of exciting games. Since the middle of 2019, online casinos have been making moves to see how VR gambling can be an achievable experience for their customers. NetEnt has taken the bold step to release a VR version of their Gonzo's Quest slot game, and this means other developers will follow. However, the most likely application for Virtual Reality is within the famous live casino game genre. When paired with 5G, Virtual Reality could be a game-changer for all the different types of live casino games.


The first half of 2020, 5G technology will cause the world to experience a new wave in gaming and other aspects of life. While you may feel like there's nothing special about faster internet speeds, it is important to note that it makes so much difference in the gaming world. With 5G, experiencing online gambling becomes a breeze as pages will load much faster, and you will never have to worry about finishing your data in a sorry time. And what this means for online casinos is that they are likely to feature a whole shipload of new interactive games.

5G is certain to make the regular multi-player experience feel seamless and fast-paced. For example, live casino games will be a lot improved by 5G, mostly for mobile casinos, because it will let punters enjoy a much higher quality of video stream with no lag, and the opportunity for more players to gamble at any one time.


2020 is most likely to be the year that we experience a surge in cryptocurrency casinos. Blockchain technology is presently utilised to make available a more transparent casino format. Punters at a cryptocurrency casino have the privilege to look at the data and payout history of every single game in order for them to accurately gauge whether the game is running fairly or not and that the random number generator is, indeed, random.

Players also need more security, and cryptocurrency casinos offer privacy and heightened security. By eliminating the middleman, i.e. a bank or credit card provider, online casinos can bypass some restrictions. Players do not have to undergo any serious identification verification, for instance, and no third party can view any of their gaming transactions. Cryptocurrency casinos provide generous bonuses and great odds, as well as fast transactions with very low fees.

Just be certain to check that whatever cryptocurrency casino you choose to patronise is licenced and regulated before you choose to sign up. The legitimate cryptocurrency casinos that exist are already proving a tough competition to normal online casinos, and this will cause an overall improvement within the virtual gambling industry.

Redirecting Marketing

Similar to regular casinos, online casinos have always been seen as a thing for male players. This is possible because, in times past, men were more interested in betting or gambling than females. Nevertheless, with the birth of smart devices and new trends, more women are participating in virtual casino games.
This has changed the marketing scene for online casinos, making it more appealing to both genders in 2020.