Australians love to gamble

Australians are very fond of gambling, historically. For a long time the legislation forbade all games for real money in casinos and sports pubs. In fact, a revolution in the gaming environment in Australia was with the approval of the Gambling Control Act 2001. Now, the revenue from gambling is growing every year, allowing the states of Australia to develop and even organize tourist areas for gamblers. At times, state revenues can be as much as 10% of the gambling industry fees. Anyway, almost every Australian has already played online casinos or is going to do so this year. This shows the high culture of gambling in Australia and great love of Australians themselves to different types of gambling. Big winnings as well attract gamblers from all over the world, which find a home in online and live casinos in Australia. While live casinos aim to wow players with their atmosphere, spectacular events and high level of service, online casinos rely on mobility, speed and huge bonus offers.

What types of games do Australians prefer?

It's far from a secret that Australians like to play pokies the most, both online and in the states' live venues. Betting on horse racing, roulette and various lotteries are also a priority. If you compare the wishes of visiting players and local players, they will converge on table games, such as poker, blackjack and craps. However, when you consider gambling throughout Australia, online casinos with all the game and betting options are most suitable for you.

Online pokies

In Australia, this is the name of the slot machines - Pokies. This type of game is very famous in all the casinos in Australia. Playing slot machines is a fairly simple tool to get a pleasant experience of playing for real money. Many different variations exist, from slot machines with 3, 4 or 5 reels to video reels and progressive pokies with jackpots. Generally, slot machines are based on colorful events or stories of characters from different areas such as sports, history, cartoons or even video games. Recently, online casinos are offering their players to play interactive pokies and even pokies with AR & VR reality - the future is already here.

Online Blackjack.

Blackjack is a major product at online and land-based casinos. Also known as 21, Blackjack is a game in which you use cards to get as close to 21 as you can without going over to beat the dealer. Also unlike poker, you are not competing against other players. A dealer is the only opponent you need to beat. This variant of online casino games is most often chosen by tourists and residents of other countries around the world.


One of the most beautiful and at the same time quite simple games, which is easy to learn for beginners. A game based on your bets depending on the color of red and black, odd or even number of sets of numbers. As well as single or multi bets on a particular number or row of numbers. Particularly gamblers also place their bets on the "zero" position - where, if the ball falls on the 0 mark, the player receives a huge win.

Online Poker.

Poker is probably the world' most popular casino game. You can find it in any land or online casino, reading about it in books, or even seeing movies completely devoted to it. The worldwide fame of poker is undeniable. No surprise that mastering this classic card game requires patience, skill and knowledge. If you possess all of these qualities, your chances of winning big increases. The tension of raising the stakes and huge pots on the table are the main reasons why poker is so popular. The best way to win at poker is to have the strongest hand or to bluff so your opponents don't know you're doing it.

Lottery games

These types of games were popular before the internet and television existed, and are still popular at online casinos. These games are easy, fun and memorable, and plus everyone knows the rules. Most lottery games are like lottery tickets, where all the player has to do is pick the lucky numbers. Keno is the most popular online game based on the lottery . It is an old Chinese lottery game that has evolved into a fun online casino classic. Bingo is another insanely popular game of its type.

Which online casino can you find all these games in?

Currently, a huge number of online sites can offer gamblers from Australia cool games of different directions, but do not forget that in addition to having a wide range of games, the best online casino must have other parameters that players need for a comfortable, safe and responsible game. At Parimatch Casino Australia, you will find everything you need, namely:

The main aspects that should show professionalism and open, fair play in online casinos are listed above. When choosing online casino games in Australia, don't forget to play real money games responsibly.