No Deposit Casino Slots and How To Play Them

With the recent passing of Bill C-218 in Canada by the Senate, single-game betting is now legalized! This has opened the doors for a whole new era of online gambling in a country where about half of the adult population engages in the activity.

However, with the influx of new players who will inevitably come to the Canadian casinos now that sports betting is legal, it must not be forgotten that other potential games exist. Especially for those first-timers who are coming in with the others, excited about making real money online casino, starting at slots is probably the best way to understand the system.

In an effort to make things much less intimidating and more affordable for beginners, Canadian blogger Michelle Thomas will enlighten you with an article detailing the process of understanding and playing slots - without a deposit.

Understanding Deposits

To play any game in a casino, you must first make a deposit. This is the amount of money that gets multiplied when you make winnings. It is also a form of security - after all, you can’t win anything if you don’t also put up something you stand to lose.

You have already learned before how you can improve your skills. However, a game like slots has little to do with skill. Instead, it mostly comes down to luck and probability. A slot machine relies on a random number generator, which is beyond anyone’s power to control. Instead, the thing you should be on the lookout for is the slot with the best casino bonus.

However, the purpose of this article is to show you ways with which you can play slots without making a deposit. It might seem too good to be true, but it really isn't. It requires a bit of work - creating a new account - and some understanding of how no-deposit bonuses work. That is what we’ll be looking at next.

The Two Kinds of Free Bonus in Casino

To get away with paying no deposits, you need to understand the two different kinds of free bonuses in slots. Why slots in particular? That’s because the only place you can apply these two kinds of bonuses is slots. The bonuses in question are no-deposit bonus credits and no-deposit freerolls.

These two bonuses are really very similar. They let you achieve the same thing - winning real money without risking losing any yourself. However, there are a few differences you need to be aware of. They are listed below:

No-Deposit Bonus Credits No-Deposit Free Spins
Bonus credits are always credited as a cash value that you can spend on games. For example, you can get bonus credits worth 10 CAD. Free spins will always be represented as a number of spins that you can have. For example, you can win 25 free spins as a bonus for signing up.
You can play slots, keno, table games or get scratch cards with your bonus credits. Free spins are only viable if you use them at slot machines.

Casino Bonuses and Rewards

Apart from the traditional casino bonuses in Canada you can find the best casino rewards casinos available to play. with depositing as little $1 deposit.

A Few Basic Rules Governing The Use of No-Deposit Bonuses

Now, while these bonuses might appear too good to be true, there are a few limitations around using them that you should also keep in mind. In this section, we will list these rules out for you.

1. Play Only The Games You’re Allowed To

As we saw in the previous section, there are only a few games that you can play using these free bonuses - these will be listed out to you. In the event you try to use them in a game outside the list, you might risk invalidating the bonus outright.

2. Use Them Before They Expire

Your bonuses will not last forever. There is a time constraint that comes with them, meaning you have to use them up before their expiration date comes up. Besides, what’s the point of keeping them for future use and never having fun? That’s the whole point of using a casino!

3. Adhere to the Max Cashout Limits

Most casinos have a max cashout rule. If you meet the limits or even win more than the limit with your bonuses, you will only be able to cash out the amount that is the maximum, be it 200 CAD or 500 CAD.


These are great ways to win some money without spending a single dollar out of your pocket! On top of that, slots are easy to play and get the hang of, as well as deceptively fun, so you will end up having a good time nonetheless. Just be mindful of the limitations these impose upon you, and you will be able to use the system and come out on top!