$21.7 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot is Biggest Online Slots Win Ever

Slots are by far the most popular genre and online casinos and among these games, it is progressive jackpot slots that stand out from the crowd. They make an irresistible proposition to prospective punters by giving them the chance to pursue potentially life-changing amounts. Progressive jackpots are difficult to win, but this makes perfect sense given the fact that millions of dollars are up for grabs. There were many huge amounts won over the years, but the $21.7 million Mega Moolah still holds the record.

An insurmountable milestone set in 2018

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot is famous for its huge jackpots which have made plenty of millionaires over the years. Looking back at the biggest amount ever want, we only have to go back two years, as that remarkable achievement was made in 2018. A player who chose to spin the reels of Mega Moolah at Grand Mondial Casino ended up winning the phenomenal amount. He spent less than a dollar to spin the reels and when they finally stopped in the resting position, he was $21.7 million wealthier.

Microgaming progressive jackpot slots have made millionaires before and its flagship game is the one that paid the largest amounts. In 2015, British Army lance corporal John Heywood became famous after winning the equivalent of over $20 million. The latest winner chose to keep his identity private, which is a prerogative that players have after claiming the jackpot. What is known is the fact that he managed to strike the winning combination in less than 50 spins, with a total investment of $.75.

The odds are stacked against players

Everyone hopes to win a progressive online slots UK jackpot one day, but players should know that the odds are actually stacked against them. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a chance to win, but it is usually one in roughly 50 million, which is quite a challenge. The thing with progressive jackpots is that they keep climbing until somebody hits the winning combination, so the longer it takes, the bigger the prize goes.

What usually happens in these cases is that the number of players, as well as the amounts wagered increase when jackpots cross a psychological threshold. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is one of the slots watched carefully by progressive jackpot enthusiasts, so they know precisely what to expect. They are pooled with several casinos that are a part of one network, so players actually compete with their peers from other online gambling operators.

The fact that the odds of winning are so low doesn’t have a deterring effect on those who hope to win a fortune with a small amount. This is the same incentive that brings so many players to land-based casinos in Las Vegas, as well as other gambling house around the world. To put things into perspective, the largest amount ever was claimed by somebody who spun the reels of a slot in MGM’s Excalibur in Las Vegas. The lucky player ended up winning nearly $40 million on the $100 Megabucks slot.