5 Trends In App Gaming That Are Expected To Stay

Mobile gaming has gained popularity over the last few years. In 2020, 2.69 billion people joined the gaming industry, which is likely to increase in 2021. Mobile games downloads dominated the app store revenue share of 66%. The increase in revenue marks a milestone for the industry and gamers.

Polish investors seem to put their money in the potential sector to make profits. In the next few years, we will likely see some more changes that will transform the casino gaming industry. Our expert Jacek Michalski (more information about this author is available here) compiles a list of five trends in in-app gaming that are expected to stay.

A bigger reach

Do you know that females are better players than most males? This is reflected in one of the gaming trends which has been flipped over as the old gambling masculine norm has changed, and women seem to take more time gambling than men. With most women spending much time on social platforms, they tend to find gambling advertisements that lure them into trying their luck.

The mobile game market has spread like a bushfire, and everyone wants to be part of the cake. Investors, young and old are willing to stake their money to kick start an online casino. The platforms offer convenience where people play anytime and anywhere. Video games have iced the cake by allowing a group of players to compete and win lots of cash.

Online gambling

It is difficult for the world to ignore the rise of online casinos. With the tremendous, huge revenues the industry is making, investors have no choice but to stake their money by starting an online casino business. Polish online casinos are a significant gaming trend that seems to have room for expansion. The industry takes advantage of technology and the internet to offer a convenient gaming atmosphere for many across the globe.

Today’s app store has many casino apps that are worth trying. Developers ensure gamers enjoy mobile compatibility and security while using the casino apps. The apps have a variety of casino games, various payment options, and lucrative bonuses. The availability of darmowe gry bingo and other casino reviews has made it easy for Polish players to identify bonus free spins provided by casino software.


Technology serves as the backbone of the mobile game market. People working from home need a super-fast secure network. Through technology, the rollout of 5G will benefit mobile gaming trends in many ways. The 5G network will lower the time needed for a set of data to travel between points.

The network will increase the capacity for a richer multiplayer gaming experience. As players stream games, the 5G network will offer a seamless experience. According to Newzoo, cloud gaming will hit 124.7 million users by the end of 2022. In addition, technology has also introduced cryptocurrency modes of payments that are secure and fast.

Increase in-Game Ads

Today it is somehow challenging for gamers to land into traditional casinos. We also see a trend where game developers are incorporating gambling features into video games. Casinos have adjusted their marketing strategies by using mobile Ads.

In the gaming industry, Ads play a significant role in advertising and popularizing a specific casino app. According to AdlnMo, there are two types of Ads formats, namely, Interstitials and Rewarded videos.

In 2020, mobile app marketers spent $74.6 billion to drive users to install casino apps. According to AppsFlyer, Android earned $48.5 billion compared to iOS’s $26 billion in-app downloads. The world will see mobile game developers engage in immersive game advertising using Ads as a new way to monetize the gaming platform.

Play vs. Watch gamers will increase

Some of us will get shocked by the term spectators in gaming. Spectator sports not only exist in tennis, football, athletics but also in gambling. Twitch, a video live streaming service, has popularized gaming as a spectator sport since 2011.

Developers are trying to tap the potential in spectator gaming by attending to the needs of the growing audience. Creators follow a particular schedule when uploading videos to maintain viewers on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

Creators collect revenue through subscriptions and donations. However, the highly engaged audience supports gaming through grants rather than subscriptions. Game fanatics spend $29 in donations a month, and other gamers spend $25 in subscriptions.

According to Newzoo’s casino industry analysis, gamers will increase to 3.06 billion by 2023. With such a significant figure, a more extensive population reach, and technology will dominate the trends in the gaming industry. Through the intensive use of Ads, more people are likely to join the gaming platform.