Taking The Stress Out Of The College Application Process

The last year of high school can be hard and exhausting. For the first time, young people are facing a big life decision and challenge: which college to enroll in?

In life periods like that - pressure and stress are always present. It is especially stressful the last few months of high school when kids are trying to improve their grades and chances of enrolling in the desired college.

Depending on how sensitive and resilient they are, many future students can have serious health problems. Stress is hard to handle, and they can experience insomnia, panic attacks, stomach problems, and fainting.

The college application process is a serious matter, and if we do not do everything right, we could get rejected. However difficult it may be - there are always ways to relieve stress or even eliminate it.

Here are few tips that can help students and parents to relax during this time.

Start On-time

College applications are not a complicated process if we prepare on time and start on time. Of course, it is not always easy to decide which college to apply to, but it will be much more stressful if we do it at the last minute. As Neal Taparia, owner of Solitaire Bliss often emphasized, honestness toward yourself is necessary.

“You know yourself that you only have one chance. Early planning will save you from stress, and you will be able to fill in the application carefully and accurately.” It is also important that you know what you want to do. Talk to yourself before starting anything. Be honest about your possibilities, and then start planning to fill out the application.

Application Process

Do not complicate the process more than is necessary. Try to sleep well and rest, and include people in the application process who can help you with clear and concise advice. Talk to parents, teachers, a psychologist, or anyone who understands the seriousness of the situation.

Remember that this is a big step in life and your first move towards independence. With the help of parents or a professional counselor - make a plan and a list of colleges you want to apply to.

Talk to those who have already gone through it, ask about their experiences. However, know that this is their experience, which does not have to be yours. Try to observe the college selection process and the application process itself from multiple dimensions.

Also, it is important to know where you would like to study, which city, what college and think and talk about finances. This segment is also important to your parents, so try to be open to each other, without pressure and quarrels. Not everything is always black and white, and sometimes a compromise needs to be made. Try to do all this consciously and calmly. Whatever the outcome, be aware that stress is not the answer.

Get Informed

In fear, stress, and uncertainty, everything seems more complicated than it is. Sometimes others can lead you to wrong conclusions by telling about their experience.

That is why it is easiest to inquire about everything in college. They probably have a service for such questions, and only then can you be sure. Before applying, create a list of questions and email them to all the colleges you are interested in.

You can call college by phone, and some of them may have a guide that you can find on the official website. When you have the verified information about everything that interests you, and what is significant for the organization of studies - you will make decisions more relaxed, and the stress will be less. Think logically and do not trust fear and unverified information.


Sometimes you can calm down or alleviate stress by trying not to take the situation too seriously. Smile, take a break, and inject a dose of humor.

It will relax both you and everyone involved in the application process. You shouldn't ignore the complexity and seriousness of choosing a college. but you don't have to be too worried or too serious. Tell yourself that you will do your best and believe in it. That way you will relax, and everything should be much less painful.