Slots with no deposit bonuses: Good or bad?

The amount of money that is there to be made within the online slot industry would make even the hardest of men quiver in their boots, as it really is an extraordinarily large amount of cash that developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming are bringing in, as well as the myriad of online casino sites. However, when you consider how many people are playing online slots bonuses in 2020 that should come as absolutely no surprise either.

In fact, did you know that online gambling analysts are predicting that almost 15% of all Internet traffic in 2020 will be as a result of gamblers spinning the reels of their favourite online slots? That is a pretty absurd statistic, and it just shows how immensely popular the modern online slot industry really is. Many online casino sites these days have started offering deposit bonuses in order to attract more customers. Read ahead for an exploration into slots with no deposit bonuses. Are they good or bad?

What is a slot deposit bonus?

First thing’s first, what even are slot deposit bonuses? Well, due to the immense amount of competition in the modern online slot industry many online casino sites are offering slot deposit bonuses. These bonuses are essentially a reward in exchange for depositing a certain amount of money on the game. They can vary from a number of free spins or even a certain percentage of cash back.

Anybody who is serious about online slot gambling should definitely check out the various slot deposit bonuses on offer at the moment, because it is essentially like receiving free gambling money in a lot of cases.

Slots with no deposit bonuses: Good

Most gamblers will immediately give a preference for slots with deposit bonuses rather than without, as this often means that there will be at least a few free spins on the line, if not a more serious amount of cash. However, there are also various arguments why slots with no deposit bonuses can actually be conversely better.

For example, a slot with no deposit bonus won’t encourage you to spend more money than you actually can in order to claim the bonus. Also, what many people don’t realise about cash back deposit bonuses is that you have to wager most of your deposit first to claim the cash back, so it is again encouraging gamblers to spend money that they may not necessarily have.

Slots with no deposit bonuses: Bad

Still though, we are pretty sure most people would rather play a slot with a deposit bonus rather than no deposit bonus, because in many cases the deposit bonus can end up facilitating a win. Take the free spins deposit bonus, for instance, these are regularly made up of at least 30 free spins, and that is 30 free chances to win some cold hard cash whilst spinning those reels.

There are arguments for and against slots with no deposit bonuses, at the end of the day it is best to make your own mind up on the matter.