5 Reasons Why a Gaming Laptop Might Make More Sense Than a Desktop PC in 2023

5 Reasons Why a Gaming Laptop Might Make More Sense Than a Desktop PC in 2023

Should you choose a desktop computer, gaming laptop, Ultrabook, Chromebook, or what? Making your next computer purchase isn’t always as straightforward as just the next model up as a replacement. With a million different devices on offer, it can be difficult to pick which one will be the most useful to you and that you’ll wind up loving instead of trading it in on eBay. So before you click that buy button, give this article a read and decide for yourself whether a gaming laptop might be the best computer purchasing decision you’ve ever made.

Why a gaming laptop?

We generally associate gaming computers with the standard desktop PC. But the fact is, there are many reasons why laptops may be a better choice. Firstly, they’re more compact and thus, mobile. So if you plan on moving your games room to another location in your home, or simply want to renovate your current room, it’s definitely easier to do so with such a device.

There’s also the factor of power consumption: laptops are known to be far more energy efficient. And of course, your gaming experience is the main factor to think about: laptops offer lots of 'nice-to-have' features you may not necessarily get with its desktop counterpart. You’ll probably agree that the term ‘gaming’ is too vast a topic to box into one category - and we’re not just talking about online casinos where you can claim the best no deposit free spins bonus codes, although those are great too, mind you...

Here are five reasons why a gaming laptop might make more sense than a desktop in 2023.

1. It’s more portable

This one goes without saying, really. Laptops are more portable than desktops. About the most portability you’ll get out of a desktop is if you move it from the spare room to a corner of the lounge room. It’s not designed to go places, it’s designed to be part of your fixed furniture, like a fridge, dining table, or couch. Sure, when you rearrange the home it can be moved to another spot, but you certainly won’t be doing it every other day, week, or even month.

Consider whether it’s important to have a portable computer. Do you have family or a partner who might not appreciate you working or gaming on your computer in the corner of the room? Will you, yourself, need peace and quiet away from other people at some times? Does your partner’s, kid’s, housemate’s or parent’s work/homework take precedence over your own?

While setting aside a dedicated space to a desktop computer can provide an excellent focus environment for work or play, sometimes it just isn’t the right thing to do in the context of other people’s - or your own - needs.

2. It saves room

With the housing market in crisis, more and more people are finding that they have less space than ever before. Even one-bedroom apartment housing prices are through the roof. Increasingly, people are downsizing or having to spare with others when this wasn’t previously the case. With less room than ever before, and unstable rental prices, people are finding that they need to do more with less space and one of the first things to go is the dedicated home office, replaced by a smaller space in a part of a room.

Obviously, with a smaller home office footprint, which may in fact just be the kitchen table, you’ll need a small machine and setup to machine. A gaming laptop takes up just a little more room than a conventional laptop and paid with a laptop stand, small keyboard, and mouse, can take you down to around one square meter of working or gaming space.

3. It’s just as powerful

Why buy a gaming laptop if you’re not a serious gamer? Because these machines have a lot of vroom in the tank, baby. Gaming laptops are just for games. With one of these you can run up a million different apps at once, virtual machines, and even full CAD programs. Even for the most resource-intensive worker, a gaming laptop can take pretty much anything you want to throw at it.

So if you’re concerned that a laptop won’t be able to handle your fierce workload, in-depth video editing for YouTube, or 3D design for school, then think again.

4. It doesn’t require a monitor

Yes, one of the biggest appeals of a desktop is that you can get whatever huge-size monitor that you please. But hey, you can do that with a gaming laptop, too, no one is stopping you. Buying a gaming laptop means that you don’t need to make another significant investment in your electronics setup straight away. It comes with a large monitor (the largest size available in laptops) built in, as well as keyboard and mouse functions. And if you’re looking for a cool external screen that’s highly portable too, then those Samsung Freestyle Projectors are pretty hot property right now.

5. It looks cool

Have you even seen the latest Alienware laptops? They ooze cool... ‘nough said!

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