How to Secure Web Browsing with JavaScript Solutions?

Javascript has been used in most websites, that is why it is a must when you are browsing the world wide web. So, do you have any idea of how secure Javascript is? Javascript is safe because of two reasons. First, it is safe because of the things that it can’t do. Second, it is typical that web browsers will ask your permission before doing something that is probably unnecessary or risky.

JavaScript is Secure Because of What It Can't Do

Generally, Javascript is quite safe due to the fact that it has several restrictions on what it can't do. As a result, it can prevent websites you’ve visited from performing any creepy or nasty things. This can be dangerous, most especially, if you are a game developer who wants to build your brand and earn revenue.

Asks You Permission Before They Can Access Your Files

JavaScript requires your permission before it can access the files on your phone or computer. This is due to JavaScript's strict security measures. Hence, you can always assure that websites can never access your files whether on your phone or computer without having the courtesy to ask for your permission first.

Simply put, regardless of what website you want to visit, the Javascript on that particular website will not simply look around for pictures, songs, documents, programs, videos, and other things on your phone or computer. It will never be able to see the files that you have, the size of the files or whether your files are old or new. Additionally, the website's Javascript won’t be able to send, upload or copy any files to the server if it does not have your permission.

Ultimately, this is one of the most crucial restrictions on JavaScript. Can you imagine if all the websites that you have visited are permitted to look around and copy your files on your Pictures, Music, Videos, and Documents folders or on your Desktop? It would actually be a huge privacy and security problem!

However, if you really want to hide your activity, then using Tor for browsing can be a big help. It can hide your IP address by redirecting web traffic. Since Tor can effectively hide browsing activities and prevents tracking, then it is commonly used by journalists, whistleblowers, and other people who are trying to protect their privacy online.

Choose Which Files Can Be Accessed By Websites

So, rather than a Javascript that can freely access and copy files on your phone or computer, you will be the one who will choose the files you like to send to a website yourself. This can either be done by using drag and drop on the Upload feature or using the File Picker option in selecting the files.

Won’t Be Able To Access Your Cookies

One of the best things about JavaScript is that it can’t read your cookies from other websites. This is essential since cookies can be used for logging in websites. What JavaScript can access are the cookies from the website that you are currently opening. Most web browsers are enforcing this security restriction since if JavaScript is used on malicious websites, then it could access your login cookies from other websites and use them to imitate you. Cookies from your online games such as Death Golf might also be saved.

Will Ask For Your Specific Permissions

According to the Software Security Report, JavaScript applications have fewer glitches compared to Java and .NET.

Nowadays, there are a lot of valuable things that JavaScript can do for you. This includes searching for your specific location using a GPS, listening to your microphone, accessing your webcam, as well as gaining access to your peripheral devices such as VR Goggles and game controllers. However, before any of these things can be done by JavaScript, web browsers will typically ask permission from you first.

This is vital, since if this is not enforced then any website can simply take your picture by turning on your webcam without even asking for your permission. Or perhaps they could discover your precise location or utilize your microphone to eavesdrop. Ultimately, each website that you visit should not be capable of finding these types of information without asking your permission first. Hence, web browsers will not allow JavaScript to do all these things unless you approve it.

Although you can choose to configure your web browser so that it will stop asking for your permission when accessing some or all websites. However, this is not the default. In addition, allowing this can make websites capable of using JavaScript in doing some creepy or weird things that are against your will.

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