Could We See Crypto In GTA 6?

Could We See Crypto In GTA 6?

Speculating about what Rockstar has in store with each GTA release can be fruitless. They go above and beyond what most people think and usher in such phenomenal innovation that even those in the industry are left amazed by their innovations.

Following on from the immense news that GTA 6 will be released in 2025 and a trailer that broke the internet, the rumor mills are in full flow, with people speculating about everything the game will offer. You can find pages of discussion and hearsay, with gamers speculating on the main characters, their story, some of the vehicle innovations, the map size, the radio stations, and the online gaming features.

Implementing Crypto In GTA 6 - How Would It Work?

The idea of implementing cryptocurrency and blockchain has also found some traction online. Rockstar has not discussed it at great length, but they rarely do. It’s only when they drop the game, and people start wandering around that they begin to get an idea of the innovations they’ve introduced.

One of the more likely areas of implementation is for Rockstar to expand again on its wider casino offering. Their GTA V casino was the most ambitious yet; it featured heavily in the game and gave people the opportunity to play casino games online. Many of the casino features were met with widespread acclaim.

Slot gaming on GTA could be an area that sees a marked improvement compared to its predecessor. Although GTA V went through countless updates in the decade, it generated multi-billion dollar profits for Rockstar. Implementing slots online as an interactive gaming experience could be one of the innovations we see in GTA 6. The expansion of online slot games and themes won’t be the first order of the day for Rockstar, but it could be the avenue to see them implement blockchain and cryptocurrency into their game.

Digital casinos have exploded in popularity since the last GTA release in 2013, and Rockstar rarely misses an opportunity to capitalize on such huge societal trends. Couple that up with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the vast advances that blockchain is making in our society, and this could be the avenue they use.

Will There Be A Demand For It?

This is perhaps the better question. GTA is one of a few elite games with global commercial appeal. Even the trailer's news grabbed worldwide headlines. While it might be a bit abrupt and harsh to say that Rockstar has bigger fish to fry, implementing cryptocurrency and blockchain would have to tick a few boxes.

Firstly, it must be easy to implement, and secondly, there has to be some demand driving it. Innovations are great in gaming, but if gamers, on the whole, are disinterested and nonplussed by such innovation, Rockstar could bypass it completely.

Suffice to say; it would be some statement if Rockstar became the first game to allow people to link their cryptocurrency wallets to the wider PlayStation and XBOX servers and use it to make in-game purchases or play casino games. Decentralized gaming is gathering significant momentum in certain areas of PC gaming, so the idea that there’ll be some angle of decentralized gaming in GTA is not out of the question.

It also shows that there is a demand for it to some degree, but whether this will ramp up or subside in the lead-up to the game will be Rockstar's million-dollar question. Except for the disastrous remaster of the three classic installments, which were complete anticlimaxes, Rockstar usually hits it right out of the park with its game designs. Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA V, and even their niche classic games like The Warriors still have a cult following due to their quality and innovation.

Final Thoughts

Although many detractors still discuss the possibility of cryptocurrency mass adoption and the wonders of the blockchain, there’s a constant demand for it. As Bitcoin ETFs help legitimize the wider sector as a verified investment, implementing a world-renowned video game like GTA could be one of the pushes that send it into the realms of mass adoption.

However, there seems to be an equal amount of negativity and positivity regarding cryptocurrency in GTA. Some believe that Rockstar will integrate it throughout the game, while others believe it will be a bridge too far—at least for this chapter in the GTA lifespan, anyway.

Perhaps more news will come out over the coming months, but if we were to put our two cents in - we’d say cryptocurrency and blockchain are probably unlikely to feature in GTA 6. However, we would not be surprised if we were wrong. Rockstar has definitely surprised us before, and there’ll be a lot more news coming out over the next few months regarding some of the groundbreaking innovations they have in store in what is their first GTA for over a decade.

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