The Hottest Video Games Dominating 2024

The gaming industry offers something for everyone, whatever your gaming style and interests may be. Last year was superb when it came to video game releases, with titles like Spider-Man 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Alan Wake 2 hitting the market.

As it turns out, 2024 has been equally exciting so far. Each month has brought a few new games and we’ll take a closer look at the most captivating ones.

Tekken 8

The beginning of 2024 saw the release of a highly anticipated fighting video game — Tekken 8. Bandai Namco Entertainment made sure to honour the legacy of this long-running franchise but also introduced great new characters, enhanced classic fighting systems, and brought the entire gaming experience to a new level.

Tekken 8 builds on the story of the father-son rivalry between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama (both heroes from previous series) as they confront each other in the middle of Manhattan. Things only get crazier as Jin prepares to take down his dad in the recurring King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

If you think Tekken 8 is your cup of tea, you can enjoy it on several platforms — Windows PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S.

Animal Well

Released by Bigmode studio, Animal Well is more than a 2-D metroidvania game — it is a fascinating labyrinth of unforgettable sights and intricate puzzles. Once you find yourself deep inside the maze and this neon-soaked world, you’ll encounter many beautiful creatures and unusual challenges.

Animal Well features no crazy weapons but relies on perplexing puzzle mechanics where you have to jump over perilous terrain and use your mental skills to try to figure out what to do next. In general, this isn't a difficult game, mainly due to its emphasis on close observation and problem-solving over reflex-based combat, but it is undoubtedly worth your time.

If you want to put your brain to the test, Animal Well is available on PlayStation 5, NintendoSwitch, and Windows PC.

Hades II

Even in early access, Hades II was hailed as one of the best games of 2024. It is an exquisite combination of illustrated graphics, touching music, and a story that never ceases to unfold.

Just like its predecessor, Hades II is a roguelike action release, and it features Melinoë, daughter of Hades and Persephone and sister of Zagreus, the main character from the first game. Her mission is to escape her underworld home and rescue her captive family and all of Olympus from Chronos' rule.

As you fight your way through numerous chambers and enemies, many gods and Chthonic figures will come to your aid, and you’ll also get to choose upgrades based on your progress.

Hades II has been available since May 6 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Windows PC, and Xbox One, Series X, and Series S.


Roguelike games represent a genre in which you may think you've seen it all, but Balatro surprises you with a new twist. It looks like a standard poker simulator with a simple interface, but it’s actually more than that.

The tools at your disposal are a deck of cards and a suite of powerful Jokers featuring special bonuses they can grant you. In every round, you must put together basic poker hands to score points and defeat different opponents, each with its own goal you must reach.

As the game progresses, you are given the option to upgrade your deck with better Joker cards and add chip multipliers. If you apply a smart strategy from the get-go, you are in for a successful run, loads of entertainment, and a potentially lucrative payout similar to casino online UK real money.

Balatro is available on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS, and PlayStation.

Helldivers II

Inspired by Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi satire “Starship Troopers'', Helldivers II is an action-packed video game that takes you on an adventure across alien planets. Thanks to its clever design and satisfying gameplay, this incredible release by Arrowhead Games Studios is best enjoyed with friends.

Once the game initiates, you take on the role of a third-person shooter dropped on a hostile planet to massacre hoards of bugs. Initially, Helldivers II may seem easy, but as new enemies start to appear later in the game, the obstacles can be much more challenging, especially if you play solo.

You can enjoy Helldrivers II on PlayStation 5 and Windows PC, and if video games are your passion, you can also learn how they affect your health here.


Judging by the current video game releases, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year. There has been much excitement around titles like Balatro and Animal Well in the gaming community, as well as around sequels that have been praised for their innovation, such as Hades II and Helldivers II. Don't hesitate to put these games to the test, and keep checking for new and more exciting titles released each month.

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