CerebrumIQ Reviews: How High Intelligence Influences Psychological and Physical Well-Being

Everyone knows that having a higher IQ will enable you to do better in school. And it will likely make you better at business. But did you know the extent to which having a high IQ actually contributes to your overall psychological - and even physical - well-being?

It actually has a great deal of influence on these things. Having a higher IQ will make you a happier and physically healthier person, it has been proved. This might seem contrary to some of the stereotypes out there about miserable intellectuals. But in the sections below, we will take a look at why this is. The reasons are more obvious than you might think.

CerebrumIQ Reviews: How High Intelligence Influences Psychological and Physical Well-Being

Psychological benefits of having a high IQ

There are many psychological and emotional benefits to having a high IQ. If you have a high IQ, you find not only school, but other things in life easier to do, and you feel less frustration as a result. And even if you are not particularly gifted in every area, you are more in touch with what your talents are and are not, and you know to stay away from the things you’re not good at.

One recent study conducted a survey of adults and asked them to rank how happy they are, either as very happy, somewhat happy, or not happy. The highest proportion of people who said they were very happy had IQs of between 120-129, which is far above the average of 100. Conversely, those who said that they were not happy had IQs of between 70-79. So there was a clear connection between happiness and IQ. So much for ignorance is bliss.

If you think about it carefully, it makes perfect sense. Of course there is the old stereotype about the “tortured genius” who knows too much and is exasperated with the state of the world. But these people are few and far between. Many highly intelligent people are happier for obvious reasons. They notice more things, and therefore take greater pleasure in a greater number and type of activities.

Highly intelligent people also have an easier time getting through the things that we all have to do in our daily lives. No one likes doing taxes, of course, but would you rather trudge through them for weeks on end every spring, or finish them easily in 30 minutes? Smarter people are much more likely to be able to do this. And many other things like it. Having to spend a lot of time completing required tasks is a pain, and smarter people simply don’t have to worry about these things. So the answer is clear.

Physical benefits

There are many physical benefits to being highly intelligent, as well. This is not to suggest that there aren’t some really smart people who do destructive things to their health. Of course, there are some people who come from broken homes and turn to drugs or other forms of self-destructive behavior.

But for the most part, people who are smarter know how to handle their bodies because they understand the way they work. They know how to detect signs of problems and when they need to act on them urgently, and they also have a better grasp of preventative measures that ward off serious health problems.

In addition, smarter people tend to be wealthier (they are smart enough to get good jobs), and therefore have better healthcare options. And women with higher IQs seek higher-quality care when they are pregnant, so they tend to have healthier babies. It might all sound like a cliche, but research has shown time and again that it is true.

Get your IQ tested

One way to gauge where you stand is to get an IQ test. There is now an online IQ test available called Cerebrum IA that works across national boundaries, for different age groups, and actually provides ways to improve upon your score with exercises.

If you’re not happy with your initial score, you can work on different sorts of games and other cognitive tasks to beef up your abilities so that you can raise your CerebrumIQ score on subsequent efforts. It is truly a groundbreaking phenomenon. In the past, you were simply told your IQ when you were in grade school and that was it. But thanks to this new technology, you can actually make yourself smarter with these proven techniques.

A happier, healthier life is yours to lead

There is no question that there is a direct correlation between happiness, good health, and having a high IQ. Some people are blessed to be born with one, and others have to work at it more. If you think that you could be doing more in life, try testing yourself with CerebrumIQ and see where you stand. Perhaps you could be doing a lot more!

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