The Most Popular Types of Poker

You may already know the rules of Texas Hold'em and call the game "poker" thinking that it is the only variant in existence. In reality, there are many different variations. Some are popular, and some are rare. In this article, you will find the 5 best online casino games to learn in order to become a complete poker player.

Over the years, many interesting varieties of poker have emerged, dozens of them. Some of them come and get a firm foothold in the hearts of players, while others go "out of favor" almost immediately. You might be surprised to know that you can play not only against other poker players but also against the dealer. You can play all types of poker at KingJohnnie casino -

Texas Hold'em

Of all the poker games, Texas Holdem is an exciting, spectacular, television-friendly format that has become the most popular among poker players.

Limit Hold'em is played exactly the same way as No Limit Hold'em. The only thing that differs is the amount of the bet, which is limited to predefined levels.

Pot Limit Hold'em. In this type of game, your betting capacity is limited, just like in Limit. But your maximum bet is limited to the amount of the pot at the time you bet.

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Omaha and its variants

Omaha and its variants

With many similarities to Texas Hold'em, Omaha is a variant with four-hole cards in each player's hand, as opposed to two in the aforementioned variant.

Another disparity is that the best hand can only be made up of two personal cards and three common cards for all players. Without this rule, the game in this variant would probably be boring, as only extraordinary combinations are seen on the table in each round.

There is also such a direction as Omaha Hi-Lo. Here, the pot is divided between the strongest and the weakest hands (not always the case). The worst variant is considered to be the one with no matches and cards higher than eight. At the same time, flush and straight do not act as a combination, and an ace is counted as a single card.

One player can collect both combinations. The condition is that he uses two cards for one hand and the other two for the other hand. When the highest hand is collected in each hand, there may be no weak hand. Then the entire pot will go to the player with the highest hand. Try Omaha Poker at Johnnie Kash Kings for free or real money.

Seven Card Stud

Once the most popular card game in America. It's second in popularity to Hold'em and Omaha, but it's still a great game for fans of slower, fixed-stakes games. Trains your memory.

Let's take a look at how the betting size is determined in a seven-card stud.

Seven Card Stud uses a fixed small bet and a fixed big bet. In a game with a $1 ante and a $5 big blind, the small bet is $10. Players can bet and raise by $10 on the fourth and fifth trading streets.

On the fifth, sixth, and seventh streets, the big bet is used, and in our example, it is $20. The number of bets on each street is limited to four (three raises).

Five Card Poker

Five Card Poker

If you play not only online poker, but also in offline establishments, be sure to learn the five-card types of poker and their rules. They are more popular in offline poker rooms than in online poker rooms. The fact is that the game is played only in private, which puts psychology and the art of bluffing in the first place, which cannot be used to the full extent in online poker. However, in popular poker rooms you will still find playing tables in the following modifications of five-card poker:

5-Card Draw - poker players receive five-card hands and do not show them to their opponents. Their goal is to make up a winning High Hand by exchanging some of their cards of choice (one to all) or taking the pot in the bidding.

Lowball is similar to the 5-card Draw, but instead of a High Hand, the player must make the best Low, with the Ace counting only the highest-ranked card. The poker player can make three exchanges, between which he has to bid.

The Single Draw is analogous to the Lowball, providing only one exchange and two streets of bidding. The rest of the game follows the same scenario.

Chinese poker

Chinese poker has unique gameplay and is mostly an amateur game. It is rarely found in casinos and online games, although this game is almost always played for money. Chinese poker is easy to play and has a lot of action, as there are many cards dealt in each hand. The scoring system can be confusing for beginners.


From its inception to the present day, poker has attracted us with its green cloth. Today, it is listed as an international game with a huge audience - the World Series of Poker tournaments are broadcasted on television and attract a large number of viewers.

As you can see, all modifications of card games included in the category "poker" have significant values. What they have in common are the general rules of trading, and sometimes the same tables of combinations.

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