Top 10 Pixel Graphics Games

Games with similar graphics are loved by many for their simplicity and retro style. When using such inexpensive graphics, developers spend more time on gameplay. This article talks about the most interesting and dissimilar games, which are united only by their style.

Top 10 Pixel Graphics Games

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Hotline Miami

A cheerful action game with a top view, in which it is important to think tactically. The game has excellent gameplay and plot. The main character's goal is to kill all opponents on the location, while the character himself may die from a couple of shots. Because of the drive and the excellent reaction required from the player, the game is perfect for hardcore fans.

Papers, Please

You have won the lottery for the workplace. Now you work at the entry point to Arstotska, your home country. The player's task is to carefully study the documents of those entering. The game has a large number of plot twists, moral choices, and endings. Be devoted to your work, Inspector. Glory to Arstotska!

The Escapists

In this game, the gamer is assigned the role of a prisoner in prison. The main character intends to escape. The player must come up with a way to escape and prepare for it. It all depends on the inconspicuousness and accuracy of the player. You will have to attend all events so as not to arouse suspicion and hide prohibited items, the only way to escape.

Punch Club

The story is about a fighter who succeeds in the art of fighting from the very bottom. In addition to training, the hero earns money, has fun, eats, and sleeps. His skills decrease if he does not train constantly. There are a lot of surprises and references in the game, Mika's office alone is worth something. Immerse yourself in this fighting atmosphere!


A game with an amazing plot, it has several global forks, which is why it can be played several times. Undertale immerses in the story of the confrontation between people and monsters who were kicked into the Dungeon. Which path will the player choose? Will he be kind, or on the contrary, arrange genocide? In any case, it will be a difficult and interesting path.

The Binding of Issac

Isaac does not feel his mother's love, which has gone crazy because of watching TV and runs away from her to the basement. But the basement turns out to be not an ordinary room, but a whole underground kingdom of creepy monsters. Isaac fights them off with tears, getting items and becoming stronger. At the end of the basement, his main enemy is waiting for him — his mother.

Super Meat Boy

An old platformer of 2010, which is still relevant. It attracts players who like to shake their nerves because it is famous for its complexity. A huge number of attempts to pass, traps standing at every step of the Meat Boy. Will he be able to pass this entire obstacle course? Only the player can help him with this.

Party Hard

The plot is built on dialogue, but the most important thing in the game is not that at all. The game offers the role of a psychopathic maniac who hates parties because of their loud music. The player attends parties and kills all the people who are there. People can find corpses and call the police. You can't get caught, otherwise, everything will start all over again.

Airships: Conquer the Skies

Probably the only pixel strategy of its kind. But not ordinary, but with design elements. The player is a commander—in—chief who creates military equipment to attack other cities. You can build any unit and set it to various characteristics. Each opponent behaves differently, which is why the game will not get boring.


And, of course, the legendary game, which is already 9 years old. Terraria is a sandbox in which you need to fight off monsters, extract resources, defend yourself from enemies in your home, create various tools, and much more. A huge amount of space in the game does not let the player get bored and drags him into his big pixel world.

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