Famous Java Scripted Games

Javascript is a computer programming language primarily used to develop websites. Game developers use the language to make engaging games with interactive elements. Several other languages can be used to make games. However, Javascript is among the best.

While Javascript is mainly used to make web-based games, it is not limited to these parameters. This article will review some popular games created through Javascript. Read on to gain more insights on this.

Gods Will Be Watching

This game features an entertaining storyline and several intense decision-making scenes. It was constructed by Deconstructeam and published by Devolver Digital.

Through Javascript, the game developers made a game that focuses on crucial aspects like managing resources and making serious decisions in the heat of the moment. It also has a time-based system that demands players to complete specific objectives in a specified frame.

Numerous players have praised the game mainly for its minimalist approach. Though the game resulted from a coding competition, it has proven itself worthy in gaming, captivating players with its frustrating scenes.


If you are a card enthusiast, you should be familiar with this popular card game. Solitare is a single-player card game that demands players to stack cards in a particular format to build a foundation and create sequences.

Through Javascript, developers can incorporate certain functions like shuffling and dealing cards, checking the validity of moves, and tracking the game's progress. Additionally, the programming language controls the graphical representation relating to the user drag and drop card action. Similarly, Javascript has helped create several online poker sites.

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This game is one of the most popular sandbox games ever. Manufactured by Mojang Studios, Minecraft is one of the most influential games. It lives up to the hype, with players cutting across all ages and professional Minecraft players.

In the game, characters seek resources and build structures in an open virtual world. Additionally, they can interact with the environment as well as other players. Minecraft is well-known among gamers due to its interactive and engaging elements.

It has two modes, survival and creative mode. Players must gather resources and construct decent shelters to survive when playing the survival version. In the creative alternative, however, gamers have unlimited resources and ensure they focus on building without any threats.


Whether you are a professional or an average player, you have crossed paths with this mobile game. Tetris is a tile-matching video game that is currently one of the most renowned games.

The game uses javascript programming to run its applications. It is also important to remember that through the years, Tetris has undergone development using different programming languages.

To win the game, you have to manipulate the falling geometric shapes consisting of four parts, tetrominoes, to complete the horizontal lines. The tetrominoes only fall within the designated area, and you have a limited time to decide where to place it before it hits the ground.

Mortal Kombat

If you are a champion of action games, especially combat ones, this game is a good selection. The Mortal Kombat Javascript version is a quick-click-and-play version of the game. The game contains special characters who have different abilities.

The main Mortal Kombat version features high graphics and intense themes to enhance the gameplay. However, the Javascript version aims for efficiency, ensuring you can play the game on any website regardless of your device specifications and, by doing so, cater to the needs of many gamers.

Pixel Defense

This is a genre of video games where gamers have to protect themselves from a wave of enemies through pixelated graphics. The objective is to survive these attacks by upgrading your defense mechanisms and structures.

Pixel defense games are commonly associated with tower defense games due to their nature and gameplay mechanics. These games often have several levels that progressively increase the difficulty as you ascend.

Tower defense games integrate a top-down perspective and a grid-based layout. Gamers must strategically position themselves on contrasting towers or defensive units. Different towers can possess various abilities, like slowing down opponents or shooting missiles.

Project Zomboid

The Indie Stone developed this game with a theme set in a world crawling with zombies. You must maneuver through a hostile environment and gather supplies to play effectively.

Javascript programming ensures gamers can explore a large environment as the game has a large open map world. Additionally, you must scavenge for resources to survive, ensuring that players use their time correctly, considering characters are prone to fatigue.


Programming languages have granted us numerous inventions, especially websites. Aside from the multiple functions, they have significantly improved the gaming niche. Through Javascropt mainly, we can play immersive games like Tetris and Minecraft, both popular titles.

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