The Allure of Strategy Games

Games have been around since the dawn of civilization. They are integral to almost every culture and are often considered a tradition. Some games have amassed such a player base that national and international tournaments are held in their honor. There are innumerable games in the known world, this article will focus on strategy games in particular.

The Allure of Strategy Games

Knowledge is Power

One of the appeals of strategy games is that it is available and even beneficial for people of all ages. The youth can learn how to analyze and synthesize information from playing strategy games. It teaches them to weigh the benefits and risks of every decision and molds their mindset to always think first before acting. Adults, often exhausted from a day’s work, can unwind by playing strategy games that don't make them move, panic, and yell as much as their in-game character. There are a variety of strategy games that don’t require immediate responses such as chess where they can even play a single game that can span for days, perfect for a busy individual’s form of competitive entertainment. Older adults may greatly benefit from playing strategy games. Research has proven time and time again that activities that involve the brain are excellent in keeping cognitive decline at bay for seniors and is even a deterrent for age-related mental ailments. Playing games of this genre are perfect to have fun after one’s retirement while staying mentally healthy, two birds with one stone.

Brawns, Brains, and Blessings

Some of the ways games can be categorized is through what faculties players must possess to be able to win in the game. These can include physical prowess such as speed and reflexes, intelligence and cunning, as well as pure, unadulterated luck.

Strategy games typically involve using one’s wits, but there are games that incorporate power and fortune. Some video games may utilize all of these: level and statistics for power, tactic of attack and type matchup for intelligence, and chance-based effects such as RNGs, critical hits, evasions, and misses for luck. The world-renowned RPG game, Pokémon, embodies these three categories all at once.

Brawns, Brains, and Blessings

A War of Minds

Chess is an immensely popular strategy game that emphasizes the importance of intelligence and tactics. As both players play the game with the same pieces, there are no disparities in strength and since there are no randomized mechanics involved, luck has no factor in determining the victor. Every chess player only has their wits to rely on and their know-how of how the game works to secure their victory.

World is Falling is a free video game that blissfully ignores any application of skill or scheming, as the player is limited only to blindly guessing which spot is safe as there are no patterns or indications of any sort that can give the player insight on which is the best move to make. While simplistic in nature, there are a plethora of games online that are purely luck-based and involve running into free slots and hoping you don’t get squashed. This comes with certain pros and cons. You can play the largest assortment of free online slots without downloading anything on specialized websites. There are thousands of different themed free online slots accessible right now. Both casual players and die-hard gamers can enjoy the game together because there is no learning curve, secret game mechanics, or skill requirement. No matter how skilled the player is, they are still competing against a novice player on an equal footing and won't likely become weary of continually winning the game because there is no way to forecast the outcome. However, it is precisely this monotony and lack of motivation that may make players lose interest in the game. This is why it is best to educate yourself about different types of slot games and the odds by reading guides and reviews. Nevertheless, this is a game that needs no time or skill investment and is guaranteed to deliver a pleasant gaming experience for everyone.

Another free video game, Casual Crusade, combines both the use of luck and strategy as resourcefulness and futuristic planning on how to utilize the perks acquired is a mentally demanding task at the higher levels. In the game, you have to enshroud all the open land with tiles. However, these tiles have to match what you need or you may risk losing as they are marked with pathways that can allow you to build to the next one, or block a section off completely, resulting in the loss of a life per uncovered block of land. Once you progress further into the game, a single blocked off section can instantly result in dropping your lives to the negatives. There are power-ups available inside of the golden chests, which can be unlocked and obtained by approaching the tiles adjacent to them. Luck plays a factor here where RNG dictates what pathways are marked on the tiles and what power-ups will be presented to you. Being given unhelpful power-ups may make the game more unforgiving in the long-run, but it’s the detrimental tiles that will draw dire consequences.

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