Distinctive Characteristics Elevating the Popularity of Live Dealer Casino Games in New Zealand

Live dealer games have gained popularity among New Zealand gamblers over the years. More players are opting to step into the live betting scene as opposed to the pre-programmed sets.

The live-gaming encounter and the real-time customer support top the list of reasons why these games are becoming a go-to option for wager fanatics interested in card and table games, but there’s more.

We take a deep dive into the live dealer casino games realm to discover distinctive features that are making them popular among the gambling community in NZ.

Near-Life Experience

Gambling against a machine can become monotonous and unexciting after a few rounds. The availability of human interaction makes the game more exciting for most players. The endless chatter and ability to read body language create a lively ambience that mimics traditional brick-and-mortar gaming.

The best casinos with live dealer games in New Zealand allow you to have this near-life experience, which ultimately heightens their gambling encounter. This characteristic eliminates the need for you to visit casinos for in-person gambling.

Real-Time Customer Support

The reality of casinos is that at one point, players may need to contact the support team for help. A lagging stream, delayed funds deposits or withdrawals, or even foul play are some of the top reasons gamblers contact the customer support team.

Real-time customer support is an integral aspect of gaming that these casinos deem worth investing in. Bettors no longer have to wait hours before receiving assistance with arising issues. After raising a concern, they immediately get linked to available support team members for instant communication and help.

Exceptional Live Streaming Quality

A characteristic of live dealer casinos that makes them stand out is the provision of high-quality live streaming. Pixelated videos are not something that players have to contend with anymore. Thanks to the availability of clear cameras, gamblers can effortlessly follow a live dealer game.

Considering that these entities operate in the cloud, the provision of high-speed internet also comes in handy in providing a consistent live stream. New Zealand live casinos are partnering with industry leaders in internet provision, which ascertains that gamblers have a clear, consistent stream while they game.

Software Provider and Game Diversity

It becomes pointless to visit a casino when you’re only going to play one game repeatedly. With time, that excitement that comes with trying something new fades off, thereby altering your experience and diminishing your desire to engage in wagering activities. It’s almost the same as having the same meal every day.

NZ live casinos provide an array of gaming options. On a regular day, you’re bound to find baccarat, poker, and roulette. However, these entities also partner with multiple gaming software providers to make the experience livelier and offer variety. So, if you get bored of one, you have the option of trying many more available at your disposal.


Gamblers said goodbye to in-person gambling the minute live casino games were launched. They have an option of enjoying the same game and matching quality, if not better, via a phone or a desktop machine.

Live dealer games have minimized the need to plan visits to a brick-and-mortar casino as was the custom before iGaming. Bettors can effortlessly access live casino games from the comfort of their homes, at any time of the day. And yes, it is a less time-consuming option.

Cheaper Betting Rates

One characteristic of live dealer casino games that is elevating their popularity among the gambling community in NZ is the cheap betting rates. Most in-person casinos have a minimum gambling amount per game, and it’s never cheap. The establishment can only accommodate a particular number of individuals at one time.

When it comes to live dealer casino games, the rules change slightly. First, the dealer rooms can accommodate as many individuals as the software providers allow, mostly a maximum of seven individuals including the dealer. They also allow players to bet using frugal amounts, meaning they can play many rounds.

The Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are features that players who opt for online casinos enjoy regularly. Depending on the casino a gamer joins, they can get anything from welcome to deposit, and even loyalty bonuses.

From time to time, the casinos roll out promotions to reward particular gamblers for their loyalty. These incentives allow gamblers to bet more, which heightens the gambling experience.

Look out for welcome bonuses when hunting a new casino. They include no-deposit and loyalty bonuses. If you’re a returning customer, check out cashback deals, reload deals and VIP points.

Fair Gambling

Pre-set table and card games have the element of predictability that comes with the random number generator. This element isn’t available in live games. Players have to make real-time decisions, and so does the dealer.

Thanks to non-verbal cues, it is easy to determine whether a player is bluffing or not, which can influence your next decision and chances of winning.


Isn’t it exciting to think of the possibility of joining hundreds if not thousands of other gamers to battle for a top prize? Well, live dealer casino games are welcoming the idea of hosting tournaments now and then.

Players get to showcase their expertise in specific games to win some cash. They also sharpen their betting skills through this interaction, a plus for novice and intermediate gamblers. Most importantly, they get to feature in leaderboards if they make it to the top ten winners list. And they also get other incentives from the casino if they finish at the top.

Ready To Get Started?

Live dealer casino games have multiple characteristics that make them stand out from other casino games. An immersive and engaging experience is what most gamblers are after, and New Zealand casinos are providing this to their clientele. As such, these games have quickly gained popularity among the wagering community.

It’s worth noting that you need extensive experience as a table or card game player before you can start enjoying these games and winning too.

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