Top 3 Tech-Driven Physical Games You Can Play at Home

Top 3 Tech-Driven Physical Games You Can Play at Home

Are you looking for tech-driven physical games to play at home?

Combining both technology and physical games seems like a bit of irony, especially considering the kind of impression people have about the two. Yet it is possible to use technology to influence some of the physical games we love so much. In fact, we have been using technology t play some of these games for a long time without even knowing it.

If this is something you would like to explore, we came up with the top 3 tech driver physical games you can play at home.

IPad scavenger hunt

The iPad scavenger is the perfect tech-driven game to play with your family at home. It is simple and straightforward enough to accommodate anyone and does not come with complex rules.

IPad Scavenger Hunt varies from the traditional scavenger hunt in that it relies on tech as part of the game. Traditionally, a scavenger hunt involves looking for specific items from a list. The list will usually outline the needed times and it is the job of the players to search and find them until the list is complete.

The list could contain any number of items such as types of plants, animals, insects and so much more.

The same case applies to the iPad scavenger hunt. Using your iPad, you can download a complete list of things you can find with your kids depending on your environment and spend some time outdoors playing. The lists are designed to handle different age groups so it helps to set up a game that is most suitable for your kids.

The benefits of this game include:

Tabletop Games

Tabletop games are another category of games that will work well in any home setting. They are small enough to fit a standard coffee table, do not require plenty of equipment, and pack twice the fun for a Sunday afternoon hangout with your family. You can also enjoy these games alone.

Most people think ‘board games’ when they hear tabletop games. However, not all these games are tech-driven. There are games that fit this category and are still considered tabletop games. Games such as mini air hockey are a popular tech-driven physical game that comes with their own mini air hockey table.

Musical Chair

Ever played musical chairs?

If you are familiar with this game, then you understand the amount of fun you are likely to have. The game is suitable for different groups of people and will work well at home. It does not need too much equipment and does not come with complex rules either. Also, the game encourages physical activity among your family members.

To play the game, arrange a couple of chairs such that they are fewer than the number of players by one. So in this case, if you have 5 players, you will have 4 chairs.

You will also need a source of music. This would be a phone or radio.

One person will handle the music by starting and stopping it abruptly. The rest of the players will dance around the chairs until the music stops in which case they will all scramble for the seats. Whoever is left standing losses the game.

Once the first round is over, one chair is removed and the music starts again. The game will go on until there’s only one person seated who will then be declared the winner of the game.

Depending on who you are playing with at home, you might want to change a few things. For example, in the event kids are involved, you can arrange a kids-only game and an adult-only game to prevent the kids from getting hurt in the scuffle.


Finding tech-driven physical games to play with kids is not as hard as it used to be in the past. There are hundreds of games online that will provide you with a quality gaming experience and still encourage movement for you and your family.