Guide to a Casino Software Provider in Europe

The soul of every online casino lies in the software that makes it alive. By 'software', we mean the entire platform and games in it. So, casino software providers have a great responsibility for the outcome of an online casino. The array of games, the bonuses and offers, and the platform itself are up to software providers.

What makes a great casino developer, though? How can you recognize the best casino software companies? You can read about it in this article. Also, don't forget to follow our guest specialist, Auli Wälkky, who always shares her expertise and unique viewpoint on this, and many other topics.

Separating the Best from the Rest

Top casinos always partner up with the best casino gaming software. In Finland, players can easily find the best options available at casino netti. However, what are the defining features of the best software out there?

Intuitive Interface

Gamblers can't be bothered learning "how" to navigate an online casino. If the options are confusing and not 'user-friendly', players will leave the platform. So, apps and websites should be easy to use for all kinds of players.


Poor-quality graphics are sure to scare players away. Great software should create just as great pictures. Engaging animations and graphics are crucial for competitive online casinos.


Sound quality is as important as graphics. Melodic sounds and realistic sound effects create the immersive environment every player wants. Unfiltered, 8bit-like sounds will probably annoy players and shorten their gaming session. Players should also be able to adjust the sound settings according to their taste.

Customer Services

Accessible customer service is an advantage in the world of online casino software. Platforms that offer live support around the clock attract larger audiences.


Last but not least, any serious online casino must have a solid security system in place. It's the casino's responsibility to provide a safe environment for players. It should protect players from scams, breaches, and data theft. Some of these casinos use the SSL (Security Socket Layer) system: the same used by online businesses and financial institutions.

Best by Test

Europe is home to some of the most respected casino games providers worldwide. They're behind the most reputable casinos and own several licences. The Top Five options are shortly reviewed below.


NetEnt was founded in 1994 in Sweden. Nowadays, it's one of the strongest names in the market. In 2014, the company broke all records when it reached over 21 billion gaming transactions. The record remains to this date. NetEnt is behind more than 100 top casinos worldwide, like 888casino, Betfair, and Bwin.


The Estonian company was created in 1999, and it's also a leading name. Playtech works with various online gambling options, ranging from sports betting to poker and other casino games. It leads the social gaming market. The company is also considered the largest in the world in the field. It's currently worth £2.94 billion, and it's listed on the LSE.


The London-based company opened its doors in 2007. It belongs to the 888, the brand behind 888casino, 888poker, 888bingo, and 888sports. The company operates independently, though and holds a UKCG licence. It offers more than 100 mobile casino games and over 300 proprietary games.


Novomatic is one of the oldest software providers around and also one of the greatest. The German company it's one of the leaders in the European market and worldwide. It currently employs over 28,000 people, and it's present in more than 80 countries, with 1600 casinos. The company also invests in proprietary games like Chicago, Phoenix, and Big Five.

Evolution Gaming

Live games seem to be the forte of this Latvian developer, established in 2006. In fact, it leads the market of live games. The company's folio brings poker variants, plus baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Evolution Gaming is already behind the best live games around. Still, it keeps growing at a staggering speed. In 2016 alone, the company grew 51%, compared with the previous year.


The developers listed above come on top in the brutally competitive world of online casinos. It means they excel in all features that make an online casino software great. Yet, constant improvement is a requirement for surviving in this market. So, new technologies are implemented as soon as they come out. Gamblers, of course, are the ones benefiting the most from this race to the top between tech giants.