What’s the Difference Between Progressive and Normal Jackpots?

What’s the Difference Between Progressive and Normal Jackpots?

“Jackpot!” has to be one of the most pleasure-inducing words ever spoken by a gamer. Winning a jackpot in a game is not just about the prize won but also about the bragging rights earned. Winning a jackpot tells everyone paying attention that you know your game, but not all jackpots are the same.

As a player, knowing the difference between a progressive and a normal jackpot will allow you to decide what your approach to winning is, setting a target, and then playing to win. In this article, we will explore the major differences between a progressive jackpot and a normal jackpot so that you know exactly what you are going for and when you are next playing for the jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot and Normal Jackpot Explained

The simplest explanation of a jackpot is that when you win, you win big. It is the highest prize you can win in a game or a contest. What constitutes the jackpot in a game depends on the specific game you are playing and what the gaming company or casino has set it to be.

On the one hand, a progressive jackpot is a type of jackpot where the value of the prize increases as more people play or as the value of bets increases. Progressive jackpots can be found in person, at traditional online casinos, and at crypto casinos. For example, if you play slots with progressive jackpots at a crypto casino online, it means that the more cryptocurrency you or other players wager, the higher the value of the slot jackpot. One player stands the chance of potentially walking out with millions.

On the other hand, a normal jackpot is a type of jackpot with a predetermined value that does not change as the game progresses. The value of a normal jackpot does not change until someone wins it, at which point it is reset. While a normal jackpot is limited to that amount, it might be easier to win than a progressive jackpot.

The casino sets the starting amount of a progressive jackpot and displays it for every player to see and play for. With every new player, a set percentage of the new bet goes into the jackpot pool, increasing the pool value.

Jackpots are not exclusive to one type of game. Whether you are playing a game show, in a contest or lottery, or playing a slot game or card game, you can have a jackpot. The difference often is what you are playing for or what you are playing with.

Generally, though, jackpots are difficult to win as they involve a huge prize. Hence, it is important to understand them and the consequences of playing for them. The huge prize is what makes winning one such a great conversation starter.

Differences Between a Progressive Jackpot and a Normal Jackpot

Here are some of the ways that a progressive jackpot differs from a normal jackpot:

Value of Jackpot

The most fundamental difference between a progressive jackpot and a normal jackpot is the value. Whereas in a progressive jackpot, the value increases as more people play or as more bets are made, a normal jackpot remains constant no matter how many games are played.

The Thrill of Increasing Wins

The progressive jackpot works well with human psychology. As the pool grows in the online or anonymous casino, a progressive jackpot becomes even more attractive to players who want to take the huge win. Playing a progressive slot machine or a progressive game brings a unique thrill that grows as the pool grows compared to playing for a normal jackpot.

Barrier of Entry

Often, the casino sets an entry value for players who want to participate in the progressive game, meaning not all players can experience the thrill of playing for the increasing jackpot. Those who are offered the opportunity to play a progressive jackpot usually wager the maximum number of credits required to play a particular slot or game.

The higher the entry value, the faster the jackpot grows. It should be noted that every player, irrespective of the amount of their wager, contributes to the jackpot's increasing value as it grows per play.

Chances of Winning

This goes back to the basic economic principle, which states that the higher the risk, the higher the reward. The chances of winning a progressive jackpot are very slim, and as more players wager and the prize grows, the odds become even slimmer. On the other hand, a normal jackpot is relatively easier to win, with the prize being constant and every player having an equal chance of winning.

Frequency of Payouts

Naturally, the frequency of payouts for both jackpots is different. Usually smaller in value, a normal jackpot will pay more often than a progressive jackpot with a huge prize attached.

Pool of People

A progressive jackpot brings a feeling of community ownership as people continue to play and the value increases. As the jackpot amount increases, so does the buzz around it. On the other hand, a normal jackpot with its fixed amount is very individual-focused, with everyone playing for the same amount.


Playing for both types of jackpots requires a different approach. When playing a normal jackpot, the focus is on the games or machines with the best odds of winning. Whereas, if you are playing a progressive jackpot, you are looking for the jackpot with the highest value.

To get into the game, you must also be willing to put in the maximum amount required for a spin and be ready to play for the long haul. The longer you play, the higher your chances of hitting the jackpot.

On the other hand, a normal jackpot requires you to focus on smaller wins per time, and you do not have to play for longer sessions at a time. Regardless, it is important to note that there is no surefire, clear-cut “winning” strategy. It’s important to wager safely and to set an entertainment budget and stick to it to ensure the best experience. Good luck!

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