The role of resources and ways to convert your efforts into equipment and weapons in World of Warcraft

The role of resources and ways to convert your efforts into equipment and weapons in World of Warcraft

WoW is a multifaceted project in the MMO RPG genre that allows players to independently choose their own path of development, including economic.

If you want to play and engage exclusively in quests, then you can do this and reach level 70 much faster than others.

If you want to earn money or buy WoW gold using the grinding system, then your level progress will slow down, but economic growth, on the contrary, will increase and become more active due to resources, or full-fledged pieces of equipment, which can be obtained from all types of monsters.

You will also have access to trading and raids, which will help you use your professional skills and get gold for yourself by interacting with players and completing difficult tasks.



You can concentrate your efforts on completing quests and other assignments from local NPCs and leaders in order to get accelerated and stable progress in World of Warcraft gold and levels.

Quests are the most stable source of experience and gold because you only need to follow the instructions and destroy those monsters that the system will indicate to you, including showing their location.

This is an ideal format for supports that take a long time to kill monsters. Regular grinding is ineffective for them, but by killing monsters with an exact indication of the number, you can get a stable increase in experience and gold.

For all players, each quest is a certain period of time to complete a task and receive a fixed experience and gold, which means stability and speed of pumping, which is great for players who do not like grinding in all its forms.



This is a way to obtain resources, experience and WoW gold by hunting monsters without being tied to quests and locations.

To succeed, you just need to find a location that is suitable in terms of level, which will allow you to kill a large number of enemies either with a series of attacks, or by gathering them into a common group and inflicting massive damage on them.

The faster and more accurately you can kill monsters, the more experience you can gain.

Efficiency is determined by the amount of experience and gold that you can get in an hour of real time, and if quests bring more, then you need to concentrate on them if the main goal is to gain experience.

But if it is more important for you to receive resources and WoW gold for crafting and providing a character, then grinding will bring you more benefit, even if it comes at the expense of the overall experience that you get in an hour of real time.


In World of Warcraft, game developers from Blizzard have created an entire interdependent system of professions that allows many players to wedge themselves into the server's economy and act as a supplier of goods and services, or as a buyer who can simply buy everything he needs without putting any effort into crafting and grind.

If your goal is to earn World of Warcraft gold, then the easiest way to do this is to master two professions that allow you to collect resources for sale to other crafters, provided that you are not going to craft anything yourself and upgrade craft professions.

Then you can simply accumulate a large amount of resources and sell them to artisans for the sake of earning money, and the more you accumulate, the more gold you will earn.

This could include mining, herbal gathering, skinning, fishing and hunting.

If you want not only to have the opportunity to earn easy gold, but to master a full-fledged production cycle in order to earn really big money and provide equipment and weapons for yourself and for sale, you need to master a combination of professions that complement each other.

Options for a combination of professions that you can choose:

  1. Mining and Forging - Mining ore to transform it into ingots and creating heavy armor and steel weapons, as well as tools and sockets for setting gems from jewelers.
  2. Mining and Jewelry - You will be able to mine gems and process them, giving them special characteristics that can be sold to enhance your character with the help of a blacksmith.
  3. Skinning and Leatherworking - You can skin downed animals and use them to produce leather, which is the basis for light armor, bags, leather helmets, bows and anything else that has the agility attribute.
  4. Tailoring and Inscription - This is the only distinctive profession that does not require additional crafts to obtain resources for the production of fabrics, robes for magic classes. The inscription will help create recipes that are needed for crafting and staves for attacking mages and support classes.


If you like complex and interesting tasks in order to get cheap World of Warcraft gold, and you like the opportunity to collaborate with other players, then the raid system is perfect for you.

This is a format in which you team up with other players in order to attack difficult opponents and bosses in the drop list of which there are valuable and unique items and elements of weapons and equipment.

Clearing dangerous zones occurs on the principle of fighting the boss himself and destroying his guards.

The head of the dungeon will have an increased supply of health and attack, special skills for inflicting massive and single damage on a group that has invaded his territory, and players need to find and use their own counter tactics so as not to lose the raid farm at any stage.

Defeating the boss will bring you a large amount of experience and unique equipment, which often cannot be obtained in any other way.

Raids are divided into difficulty levels, and completing each of them will open up the opportunity for you to try your hand at a more complex raid format, with the value of rewards and the effort you need to put in to win increasing.

The cost of a mistake in Mythic difficulty raids will be enormous, and one reckless action can ruin the entire raid as a whole.

You can get World of Warcraft gold simply by selling all the extra and unnecessary equipment and weapons and boss accessories that can be obtained in some dungeons.

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