How Online Gambling Became Part of Modern Gaming

Recently, you might have noticed that online gambling is everywhere. From TV advertisements to social media posts, it’s impossible to escape the discussion. You probably even have friends and work colleagues who talk about it, too, especially when there’s a big upcoming sports event. None of this happened by chance, though, as the rise of online gambling has been powered by lots of different forces. Here’s what you need to know.

More Online Gambling Sites Hitting the Market

The number one reason why online gambling has become so popular in modern life and the gaming scene is because of more gambling sites launching. Back in ’96, there were only 15 online gambling sites on the internet. Flashforward to 2024 and you’ll find close to 5,000 online gambling sites, mainly consisting of:

Sportsbooks are the biggest driving force of the bunch, especially in the US. Now, there are more sportsbooks to choose from than ever before, which you can view at This includes household names like BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings, all of which have millions of worldwide users. What’s interesting is that these sportsbooks offer regular bonuses and sign-up offers, which act as incentives to get more people signed up and playing.

Exciting Casino Games and Big Jackpots

Online casinos have skyrocketed ever since the global pandemic in 2020. Whether you use a mobile, PC, or tablet, it’s now super easy to access online casino games on-the-go and play for big jackpots. This is something that has caught the attention of millions of gamers around the world, who see these big jackpots up for grabs and want to get their hands on them. Interest levels have been driven even higher by the introduction of MegaWays slots, which give players more paylines and greater chances of winning. At this moment in time, Bonanza Megaways remains the most popular MegaWays slot game.

Increased Smartphone Usage

Another key factor behind the rise of online gambling has been increased smartphone usage. Now, over 4.3 billion people own a smartphone and use it on an almost hourly basis, so it’s not surprising that so many smartphone users have turned to online gambling to keep themselves entertained. Whether you want to place a bet on your favorite sports team or play some online casino games, mobiles give you the freedom to do this, which is why the mobile gambling industry is worth an estimated $84 billion.

Celebrity Endorsements

Over recent years, online sportsbooks and casinos have received huge celebrity endorsements, whether it’s through social media posts on TikTok or television advertisements. Perhaps the greatest example of this has been Drake, who is now an official partner of, a sweepstakes-based online casino site. Because of Drake’s endorsement, was able to make $2.6 billion in revenue last year and receive countless new player sign-ups, which highlights just how powerful celebrity endorsements are in the online gambling world.


Online gambling is here to stay, that’s for sure. It’s now legal in more US states than ever and is set to continue as one of the most popular online activities that you can do. As global smartphone usage increases and more influencers and celebrities endorse online gambling, it’s entirely possible that close to 70% of the population will be gambling online by the time 2030 comes around. As a result, the blend of modern games featuring gambling elements will continue — and there’s plenty to be excited about.

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