The Top 5 Worst Myths About Online Slot Games

Every gambling activity has a lot of stereotypes. We are not very confident when it comes to big and free money. An average gambler will always look for fraud or another example of unfair competition. Unfortunately, many fake or broken slot machines are pieces of evidence of this kind of myth.

At the same time, we have numerous slots that can give you a good experience and an enormous profit. The biggest software developers are thinking about the reputation and never will allow making some shadow plays. In the case of some schemes, leave the casino immediately and talk to the police.

Modern online machines have not many flaws from the past, so they are not so easily hacked or spoiled in other ways. It means you have a pure gambling experience without further interruption of bugs.

The gambling psychology, though, remains the same, with undisputed intrigues and adrenaline. We love gambling halls for their atmosphere of everlasting competition, which is worldwide now, with a lot of additional features. A social aspect is also vivid now: a famous 50 Lions casino game is available now in many regions freely.

Let’s see the most common myths about the most common casino activity – the various reel machines, aka one-handed bandits.

Slot machines are the worst game among casino activities

First of all, the gambler has free will. That principle tells us about an unlimited choice. The biggest casinos have hundreds of reel machines. If you are tired of one dedicated franchise – change it. Also, the very nature of the slots is quick. It’s a short-termed activity every round lasting only a few seconds.

The roots of the myth are in despair after some losses. But the casino itself is a game of chance. There is no solid guarantee of profit. Just take it easy. Talking about the core design of the slots, you can’t call it boring – there are just too many of these games in every expedient gambling hall. Even an experienced high roller can pick the best variant for his own needs.

At last, today casinos give you the safest technologies ever. The newest bitcoin slot machines provide secure transactions without any worries.

The way to pull the lever is the trick

The myth came right from an ancient time of the young Vegas era. And even then it was rather an urban legend. Physically, most of the mechanical reel machines are made with high security. The hack of the coin vault in the slots is practically impossible. Many people have seen the famous movie scene when the hard impacts on the machine summon a coin rain. Yes. It is true.Also, it is debauchery that will never be sanctioned in any casino.

As for online slots, the handle here is just a traditional portrayal. It is the design of a starting button, nothing more. Your mood before the game is vivid. The algorithm of the jackpot combination is still the same - pure mathematics, no additional tricks.

Slot machines rigged, and the managers know when to place a bet

One of the most popular myths, and this is complete nonsense. The casino crew does hard work, with an average salary. But not a single dealer or cashier knows what machine is definitely “loaded.” The players always obtain prizes randomly. The truth is that casinos can change the general formulae of winning. The jackpot itself is a rare thing. For one lucky person, hundreds have to lose. The prize pool consists of unlucky bets. There is no “secret information, that one manager quoth to his brother.”

A slot machine gives prizes only seldom. Two players can’t win two big scores in a row

Not true. The law of probability doesn’t work this way. When you are flipping a coin, there is always an equal chance to have a head or a tail. The same thing is with the slots. The basic formula can be more difficult. For example, one machine gives a jackpot with a chance of 1:2500, and another – with a chance of 1:1000. But both of them can donate prizes in a row at the same time. It's just a matter of luck.

The truth about jackpots is that sometimes casino owners can cut it off. But there are no shady schemes, just the economy. The holder has the right to establish the size of a new prize. But all of these events are always announced openly.

There are preheated coins for both electronic and mechanical slot machines

It was nonsense decades ago, so it is now. Also, there is a myth about warm roulette balls. The facts tell us that there were never such accurate preheated online slot machines. When you are playing in the real-life gambling hall, there are a lot of stage lamps. And, of course, they produce a lot of heat. But the modern reel machines have fully electronic parts, which are not sensitive to non-extreme temperatures.

These are the worst among the renowned myths about slot games. As you can see, there aren’t complicated plots or scripted plans. The pure mathematical laws tell the players that luck is the main factor of prosperity. To obtain a big score, you have to play more actively! Also, mind your finances and don’t make a lot of bets at the same time.