Is it possible to make a slot game in 13kb?

In that one moment, time stops. Anticipation, hope and anxiety all hinge on what constitutes barely half a second. Everything prior has lined up perfectly and it’s all about what will now unfold. Success or failure, with nothing in between. It’s within this particular bubble that the popularity of the best online slots are obvious. Instant gratification - or at least the appearance of it - is but a short reach away. That very same feeling can be yours, but how about passing it on to other people?

Much like the game itself, in order to create it, you have to build to that triumphant moment. While playing it is about luck however, creating it is very much a skill. There are more than just three things that must align to emerge victorious. Slots have changed over the years, but the process remains the same. To get it all together we must go back to the very basics.

The challenge is not just to do it, it's to do so in a way that strips back all the unnecessary excess. Part of the beauty of these games is their straightforward simplicity. In that regard, without overstuffing the project with overly complicated animations, graphics, and audio; can it be done on a macro level? Can a slot machine be replicated and played at as small a size as 13kb? Let's find out.

Gaming has come full circle in recent years. Way back when - long before the internet revolutionized it as a whole - bedroom developers would experiment with all sorts of unique ideas, that would eventually pave the way for big companies to come along and homogenize the industry. That’s come back around now with so many more people learning to code and to have their very own piece of electronic enjoyment. This isn’t about creating a multimillion-dollar empire, it’s about having something tangible to show for your efforts, bout being a part of the ever-growing coding community.

First thing’s first, be very careful with choosing your preferred code editor. There are many different ones out there and you should research them all and get used to which one you feel most comfortable with. Even if you have previous experience with a few already and have conscious preferences, it’s always good to expand your horizons and see if there’s a better way of working out there. Doing the due diligence at this point will save you time in the future, nobody wants to be halfway through a project before finding out there was a better way of editing!

Doing a lot with so little seems daunting at first. But when you see the capacity for what can be done, coupled with the breadth of options within the genre itself then hopefully that takes some weight off your shoulders. In the world of games development, slots have stayed popular for decades and continued to evolve, partly because of it's straightforward concept and virtually unlimited scope for what kind of game you can develop. We're not just limited to cherries and bells anymore!

Once you’ve zeroed in on your particular theme, get used to dealing with a lot of numbers. When broken down completely, slot machines are effectively random number generators coming together. In that sense it’s the fairest of many an odds based system in that it isn’t weighted at all in any particular way but that being said you will need to make absolutely sure that all algorithms are working perfectly. In this regard if you are not fully comfortable using numbers (especially in trying to condense your game into such a small file size) and are more focused on the visual aspects then that’s when it might be worth considering developing as part of a team.

Collaborations can be difficult, but one thing to consider whether you are working in a group or if this is a solo project is the commitment to time. Even the most basic of games are not developed overnight. Be realistic with your expectations and understand that you are in it for the long haul. When it comes to group tasks, there may be certain things that cannot be started until others are completed. In that regard, be sure that your team has all the right tools and aren’t keeping others waiting unnecessarily.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back. Every project needs room to breathe and it’s better to come at something with fresh eyes than engage in yet another staring contest with your laptop or computer screen. Relax. Play games. There are so many engaging 13kb games out there - slot machine based or otherwise - and as such not only are they perfect for some down time but they may also provide a good source of inspiration. You may want to add a feature or discover that something you’ve tried to fit in simply won’t work. This is all invaluable research. What’s more, you may end up winning a pretty penny or two.

Lastly, don’t forget to play your game. Over and over. Get other people to play it. Drive them mad with your requests. Because it will need rigorous testing. This is the part that many developers fall down, especially after an arduous process in terms of putting it together. You should have been testing rigorously during the progress of your game but it’s crucial at this point - when you feel like everything is done - to go back and make sure that there are no glitches, bugs or indeed any way at all in which the overall experience is lacking from your original vision.

Ultimately, the answer to the big question is yes. A fully working, vibrant and ultimately exciting slot experience can be rendered in such a small file size. But it will not be easy. You may find yourself getting frustrated with the process and potentially having to scrap days’ worth of code. Eventually however, with a lot of hard work and perseverance, you too could hit the jackpot!