The Most Popular Card Games in the World Everyone Loves Playing

The Most Popular Card Games in the World Everyone Loves Playing

Card games have been around for centuries, and they have been loved by all generations ever since. Pulling out a deck and keeping a family or a group of friends entertained for hours is a memory we all possess. There is hardly any person in the world who hasn’t played at least one title from this genre, and we all have our favourites based on our personal preferences. However, the following titles are surely among the ones that have gained the largest popularity worldwide.


Poker is definitely one of the most popular card games in the world, and many enthusiasts love hosting poker nights where they often play for money. The rules are fairly simple, but in order to boost your success, you may look into some strategies since this type of game requires thinking. Also, poker is one of those categories that are easily available online where the players can compete against each other and showcase their skills on various platforms. If playing on the web seems confusing, you can easily find all you need to know about online poker through many different guides and reviews so you can quickly browse all the variants and find the options you like.

In order to win a poker game, you need to play smart with the cards and chips you get at the beginning so you could maintain the highest rank. Even though the combination of cards you have on hand is the core of your strategy, skilled players often bluff and win by convincing others in having a better hand than they actually do.


Although at first it was intended to be played in pairs, nowadays people enjoy solitaire on their own, which is one of the greatest appeals of this game. Solitaire is played with a standard 52 deck, and the players start by forming seven consecutive rows made of cards facing down. The first row contains only one card, and each next has one more than the previous one until the last one is made up of seven cards. Finally, the last card in each row is turned face up, and this is how the players begin building sequences starting from the Kings in descending orders.

The sequences are built by placing the cards from different rows across one another and pulling new ones from the remaining pile once you run out of options. The cards in each sequence are organized in alternating colours, and in the end, you should have four neatly ordered piles.


Blackjack was developed 300 years ago in France, and today it is also known under the name twenty-one. It presents an incredibly competitive nature between the dealer and the players, and it is one of those games that are big on luck. Two to six players can be involved at the same time and each of them is more focused on beating the dealer than the other opponents. Blackjack is also easily accessible online, with many variants you can find and enjoy.


Spades is a game that has been present since the 1930s, and ever since, people have loved it for the ease of play combined with a certain level of strategy needed in order to win. Spades can be played by two to seven players and each of them has a goal of collecting as many tricks as possible in a single round. Before the game starts, the players decide together on the number of points required to win, and usually, that number stands at 500, but it can be changed to suit the desire of the players involved. All players start with the same number of cards and the dealer is the one who holds the one with the highest value, and then the game takes a clockwise direction from them, with players following the suits.


Favoured by many people worldwide, hearts is definitely not just another trick game for four individuals. Unlike the other trick-based titles, the winner is the one who ends up having the least amount of points. On top of that, hearts features several unique rules that make the game incredibly exciting. For instance, you need to avoid holding the Queen of Spades and any of the hearts since all of them carry negative points. However, one way to take the lead is to actually obtain all of them. If you manage to collect them at once, you will “Shoot the Moon” and end the round with zero points as the opponents get 26 points each.

We have all known and loved card games for ages, and sitting down for a round or two with loved ones is still a common practice in many homes. If you haven’t already tried out some of the titles mentioned above, reach out for a deck and start playing.